Customizable crosshair profiles are coming to VALORANT, a new leak suggests

A new leak by a reliable data miner suggests VALORANT is getting customizable profiles for crosshairs in the game.

VALORANT players have been asking Riot Games to add profiles to store their favorite crosshair settings for some time now. Seems like with future updates that may actually become a reality if the recent leaks are to be believed.

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Even though Valorant’s crosshair customization options were packed to the brim with features from day one, some still thought customizable profiles dedicated to crosshairs and other system-related settings would make the transition from different PCs much more seamless.

Why Crosshair customization is a big deal in VALORANT?

Like most other tactical shooters, VALORANT has a major focus on gunplay. Since the TTK(time to kill) in these type of tactical games are really low, every possible setting that may give players an edge over their opponents is really sought after.

However, when it comes to crosshairs, most pro players agree that it often comes to personal preference. Any crosshair with decent visibility will make do for most players. Still, crosshairs are a hotly debated topic in the VALORANT community with some major content creators and pro players going back and forth between their favorite crosshair settings.

Riot even added an option to hide your crosshair settings as some players reported that they were getting harassed for their preferred crosshair settings.

From having different shapes to different colored outlines, the customization options are endless in the game for crosshairs. Usually, fans like to copy their favorite player’s crosshair settings. With the upcoming crosshair profile option, it would be much easier to apply and test out new crosshair styles to one’s heart’s content.

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According to the leaks, players will be able to save and store crosshairs for later use. Also, there will be options to create copies of the profiles as well. Lastly, an account will be able to hold a max of 10 profiles.

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