VALORANT: Rumor suggests Riot Games did work on “ability skins” at one point during development

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot Games made some strong claims regarding their stance on cosmetics in VALORANT.

From day one Riot Games made it really clear that they want VALORANT to have a thriving competitive community of players. And to ensure this, Riot Games didn’t include agent skins as a part of their monetization scheme. Instead, Riot opted to use gun skins as a means for monetization.

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However, turns out, Riot did consider ability skins at one point during the development phase. These types of ability skins would have looked really cool on abilities like Jett’s blade storm. And rumor suggests Riot did really tested it out thoroughly and determined it was a bit too distracting.

Ability skins in VALORANT

Imagine having different colored knives for Jett’s ultimate. While it would have looked really cool, but in reality, these types of cosmetic addition could have interfered with the competitive integrity of the game. Adding personalization in games can be really fun but not at the expense of competitive integrity.

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However, as this is still a leak, take them with a grain of salt. And the ability skin concept could still be under development at Riot Games. So it is still too early to tell if Riot will ever implement the ability to customize your kits in VALORANT.

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