VALORANT Prism 2 skin bundle: first look, release date, tier, price

Two upcoming VALORANT skin bundles have been leaked and based on that leak, it seems like both of them are going to be a recolor of previous skin lines.

The first skin line is called the Horizon skin bundle. And the other one is called the Prism 2 skin bundle. As the name implies, Prism 2 is a sequel to the previous skin bundle called the Prism bundle which was released back last year.

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The original Prism bundle featured matt blue color scheme. And this time Riot gave its sequel a purple recolor. The overall theme of the Prism bundle is simplicity. Unlike most other skin collection, this one is catered towards players who prefers simple gun skins with a color accent.

Prism 2 skin bundle first look:

The Prism 2 collection will feature Sheriff, Bucky, Shorty, Stinger, and Vandal skins. And just like the Horizon bundle, Prism 2 also seems to lack a melee skin this time.

Prism 2 skin bundle VALORANT
Image via Valorant Leaks

Prism 2 skin bundle price:


The exact pricing for this new skin line has been officially revealed as of writing. But based on its predecessor like the original Prism collection, this bundle should cost around 1275 VP per skin and 5100 VP for the whole bundle as this appears to be a Deluxe tier of skin.

Prism 2 skin release date:


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The actual release date has not been revealed yet. But both the Horizon and the Prism 2 skin bundle should hit the digital store shelf of VALORANT fairly soon. We’ll update you with more information regarding this skin line in the future.