This Game-breaking Yoru Teleport Glitch Can Accidentally Kill You in VALORANT

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Yoru was launched alongside Episode 2, and players have already started to show off their amusing plays with this lurking Duelist.

Note: This bug has already been addressed and fixed.

It’s only been close to a week, and players have already discovered a ton of lineups for Yoru’s abilities. Players can also be seen experimenting with their teleporters and flashes to create more unique strategies on different maps.

Some players even discovered a crazy lineup for his teleport that literally enables him to teleport behind enemy spawn. The overall reaction from the VALORANT community regarding Yoru has been mostly positive.

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Yoru Teleport Glitch

Recently, players found a game-breaking glitch with Yoru’s teleport that can actually kill you in the midst of a match. It turns out that if you teleport at the exact moment when the teleport expires, it might kill you during the round.

So, Yoru players need to be careful while teleporting, as it can be devastating during a ranked match. This has already been added to the list of reported bugs in VALORANT. Therefore, the developers should fix it with the next major update.

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Until then, Yoru players need to be careful while teleporting too close to the expiration time, as it can bug you out of the game.

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