Killjoy alarm bot glitch allows players to open the teleporter door from the outside on Bind

With some experimentation, players figured out a really weird exploit in VALORANT that can eliminate those pesky teleport campers on Bind.

VALORANT was released with 4 entirely different maps. And each map had its own unique mechanic. For example, Haven had three different bomb sites, Split had ropes, Ascent had interactable doors that can be closed using a switch.

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Lastly, Bind had two teleporters at each side of the map that let players quickly teleport around the map for a quick flank or to make some creative plays. Players even figured out a trick where they would use Omen’s abilities to fake teleport to confuse defenders or attackers alike.

Furthermore, the exit point of these teleporters had doors that can only be opened from the inside. This was crucial as it gave the players who took the teleport some breathing room if they hear any opponents waiting outside the exit door.

How to open teleporter door from the outside

However, if you use Killjoy’s alarm bot in the teleporter exit on the B site on map Bind, you can literally open the teleporter door from the outside. If used correctly this glitch can let players surprise their opponents by opening the teleporter door from the outside and catching them off guard.

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This was surely not done on purpose by Riot. Therefore, it should get fixed with the next hotfix or players are going to abuse this one to catch their opponents off guard.

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