Valorant players will soon be able to hide account level banners, a new leak suggests

A new leak by a prominent Valorant data miner suggests Riot Games will soon offer more in-depth customization for account-level banners in the game.

Riot Games launched Valorant back in 2019 as their first foray into the tactical shooter genre of video games. Following its release, it quickly cemented itself as a great alternative to other popular FPS games.

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Also, with each new patch, Riot Games added much-needed QoL updates to the game. Recently, Riot even added level banners into the game that gives players a number to show off their progression within the game so far.

Turns out, the devs at Riot have even more plans for this level banners. In a recent leak, a data miner revealed that players will soon be able to select which level border they would like to equip.

Hide your account level in Valorant

On top of that, players will also be able to hide their account level if they want to. Meaning more power to the players.

While this news means more customization options for players, it also means that smurfs will be able to hide their account levels as well. And that has some negative connotation to it as the Valorant community despises smurfs.

That being said, it is a leak by a data miner and in no way an official confirmation from Riot itself. Therefore, take that with a grain of salt.

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