VALORANT players are asking Riot to not show their rank until the end of a game to avoid toxicity

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot just released official ranked matchmaking in VALORANT to give competitive players a platform to shine.

Ever since VALORANT released on June 2, players have been asking Riot to add competitive matchmaking in VALORANT. Closed beta players already had a chance to test out how the rank mode works in VALORANT. Furthermore, some players were already burned out with playing just two game modes like “unrated” and “spike rush” all the time.

VALORANT new ranks
Image via Riot Games

With the launch of ranked mode, one thing became more apparent that needs some immediate attention from Riot Games. As of now, you can clearly see your teammate’s rank in the middle of a rank match. Consequently, people are starting their game with a mindset that they’re at a disadvantage. Furthermore, some players are belittling and are being toxic towards lower-ranked teammates.

Riot made promises to combat online toxicity

During the closed beta VALORANT’s executive producer Anna Donlon made promises that she was going to do everything in her power to combat toxicity in VALORANT. As of now, players are facing an overwhelming amount of toxicity online especially if they are playing in the new ranked mode.

valorant rank toxicity
Image via Riot Games

A simple fix to the current problem would be to not show player ranks in the middle of a match. Rather people should only see your rank at the end of every match just like Rainbow Six Siege. This subtle change will create more healthy player interaction and should avoid some unnecessary toxicity while playing ranked.

While it is not possible to completely remove toxicity from online games without going a little bit overboard. Riot should at least hide player’s rank in the ranked matches for now until they find any better solutions. Additionally, players are also asking Riot to show their rank only on their friend list.

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