VALORANT: player shows how to replicate Omen’s teleport through Ascent B main window without Sage’s wall boost

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
2 Min Read
Image Credit: Riot Games

VALORANT is a character-based tactical shooter that thrives on creative ways a player can outplay their opponents.

Unlike most of its counterparts in the same tactical shooter genre, VALORANT has different agents that provide very unique mechanics that can be combined together to create some really amusing outplay opportunities.

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For example, players have been using Omen to teleport through Ascent’s B main window to directly enter the site and catching the defenders off guard. But in order to do so, players had to use a wall boost from Sage.

An alternative to Sage’s wall boost

However, turns out, there is another way players can achieve that same feat without using Sage’s wall. In the clip above players can be seen using Omen’s teleport to enter the site, but unlike using the traditional wall boost from Sage, this player decided to use Raze’s Blast Pack instead.

It pretty much creates the same result. And gives teams more creative freedom to further experiment with more tricks like these to build more wacky strategies to throw off enemy plans. At its core, VALORANT is literally a sandbox type experience where creative minds can truly shine.

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These tricks just prove how much depth there is in VALORANT. Most pro teams are constantly trying to experiment with different agent combinations to redefine the current meta. Even Riot Games confirmed that they are making major changes to the meta starting from Episode 2.

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