VALORANT Patch v4.04: How to Identify Fake Yoru Clones

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Today we bring you some of the ways of how you can differentiate between Yoru from his Fakeout Clones.

VALORANT v4.04 update just dropped recently. In this update, Riot introduced massive changes to the game. All of the controllers in the game were adjusted, and Riot made changes to the Ascent and Icebox maps. VALORANT players also received the new Episode 4 Act 2 Battle Pass along with this update.

But the most anticipated change was the Yoru Rework. Riot previously promised to rework Yoru to make him more viable, and finally, they delivered. Almost all of Yoru’s abilities were changed to some degree, making them better than before.

Yoru’s Gatecrash now has two charges and can be used to fake teleport. His Ultimate no longer reveals Yoru to enemies and allows free ability usage, with the drawbacks being longer cast time and delay after exiting.

And last but not least, we need to talk about Yoru’s new Fakeout. Yoru now sends out a clone that walks straight and flashes enemies that shoot it. This ability has made Yoru a master of trickery, and VALORANT players are constantly shooting the fake Yoru and becoming easy targets for the real Yoru.

Initially, the fake Yoru clones did not appear on the minimap. Players used this trick to identify the fake Yoru clones. But, Riot has removed this feature, and now the fake Yoru also appears on the minimap. Still, there are ways to spot the Fake Yoru Clone, and below you will find some of them.

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How to Identify Fake Yoru Clones:

A Reddit user called SeLFloYT recently shared 14 ways to identify a fake Yoru clone. They are below-

Sova’s Recon Dirt:

Sova’s Recon Dirt does not spot the fake Yoru clone. Players can use this to differentiate between a real Yoru and his clone.

Cypher’s Ultimate:

Cypher’s Ultimate ability Neural Theft does not spot the fake Yoru clone.

Skye’s Ultimate:

Skye’s Ultimate Seekers will ignore the fake Yoru clone and go after actual enemy players.

Reyna Empress Form:

Reyna can see bold enemy outlines during her Empress form, but the clone will not have this.

Yoru Clone Unaffected by Flash:

None of the flashes in the game affect the fake Yoru clone. This includes all the flash characters like Phoenix, Omen, Reyna, Skye, breach, Yoru, KAY/O. Usually, when an enemy is flashed, a bright light appears on their face to indicate it.

The fake Yoru will not have this indicator making him somewhat distinguishable from the real Yoru.

Yoru Clone Not Affected by Crowd Control:

There are lots of characters in VALORANT that can stun or displace enemies. These include agents like Astra, Breach, Cypher, Neon, Skye, Killjoy, Raze. None of these abilities will affect the fake Yoru clone.

The Cypher’s tripwire will notify when triggered by the fake Yoru clone but will not slow down its movement speed.

Kayo’s Zero Point:

KAY/O’s signature ability zero/point will not spot the fake Yoru Clone.

Missing Attachment on Weapons:

If Yoru uses his clone after equipping his knife, it will have a gun in its hand, but all the attachments will be missing.

Clone Passes Through Players:

When two players collide in VALORANT, they get blocked by each other. But the fake Yoru clones will pass through players.

Utility can Pass Through Fake Yoru Clone:

Some characters in VALORANT have controllable abilities like Sova’s Owl Drone and Skye’s Trailblazer. These will pass through the fake Yoru clones.

Vulnerable Debuff Does not Appear on the Fake Yoru Clone:

Vulnerable Debuff effects such as Killjoy’s Alarm Bot, Viper’s Snake Bite, and Astra’s Gravity Well show an effect on players affected by them. The fake Yoru clone will not have visual effects caused by these abilities.

Brimstone Stim Beacon Visual effect:

When Brimstone places a stim beacon, it gives them a fire rate and speed buff and shows a visual effect confirming its effects are active on a player. This visual effect does not appear on a fake Yoru clone.

Sova’s Ultimate:

Sova’s Ultimate ability spots enemy players when passing through them but will not spot fake Yoru clones.

Below is the original Reddit video posted by SeLFloYT that shows all of the ways to spot fake Yoru clones.

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Nawshad Noor is a former Editor at GameRiv.