VALORANT Patch Notes 5.05: Bug Fixes, QoL Improvements, & More

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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The official patch notes for the VALORANT patch 5.05 is finally here, and it turns out it is yet another lighter patch while the VALORANT Champians 2022 is still ongoing.

VALORANT Patch 5.05 was always going to be a lighter one in nature, filled with mostly server stability and quality of life improvement-related features, which was foreshadowed by the 5.05 PBE patch notes that were revealed a while back.

As mentioned earlier, due to the VALORANT Champians 2022 still ongoing and attracting a massive audience worldwide, Riot Games is taking a slow approach while delivering meta-related changes, as that might hinder the competitive scene.

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Instead, players will need to be content with small bug fixes until the VALORANT Champians 2022 is over. Expect massive meta-shifting changes to hit the PBE servers with future patches.

Full VALORANT Patch Notes 5.05

Keeping this one on the lighter side again while we watch the best VCT teams exchange blows over the VALORANT Champions 2022 crown. Still some important bug work from our Social & Player Dynamics team below!


  • Fixed an issue that allowed you to report yourself
  • Fixed an issue where some of you did not receive a notification when attempting to join a party you’ve been kicked from
  • Fixed an issue where a blank user would appear in the Social Panel when joining a party where players are in-game
  • Fixed and issue where you could not successfully report a player in Agent Select after the game has been running for 30 minutes
  • Fixed an issue where players with non-English characters in their Riot IDs could not be found via Invite by Riot ID
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Context Menu and Friend Note text fields to close when a Friend’s status updated in the Social Panel
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Party Leader’s matchmaking lobby selection to affect in-game Party Members’ status in the Social Panel

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