VALORANT Patch 3.10 will bring back 5 stacking in ranked mode with a caveat

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Five Stacking with friends in the competitive ranked mode in VALORANT is making a return with the upcoming patch 3.10.

VALORANT was Riot Games’ foray into the competitive tactical shooter genre of video games. However, they did put in their own twist on the same formula by introducing agents with unique abilities.

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As Riot Games developed VALORANT from the ground up to be a spectators sport, the ranked mode in this FPS title is really important to the overall gameplay experience. While Riot Games initially gave players the ability to queue with four other friends in the ranked lobby, they later removed this feature as many accounts were getting boosted during that five stacking period.

In order to compensate for players boosting their friends, Riot limited the number of stacking to two at most after players reach a certain ranked threshold. To put it simply, Riot only enabled due queue for high ELO ranked games to gatekeep low-skilled players from reaching the high ranks.

Five Stacking in ranked is coming back

However, with the upcoming VALORANT patch 3.10, it seems like Riot is bringing back the ability to five stacks in any rank. And in order to deal with all the boosted accounts, the new ranked reward system will give you less ranked rating if you choose to five stacks.

In theory, this should eliminate the issue with boosted accounts. Although Hunter “Sick” Mims, a pro VALORANT player representing Sentinels has voiced his concern over boosted accounts.

According to Sick, for most people, the experience would be better if the game was limited to solo/duo for ALL ranks. It levels out the playing field no matter how few people you have on your friend list or if you want to solo. Seems like we’ll have to wait and see if this new change is the right call when patch 3.10 officially comes out.

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