VALORANT: Omen’s paranoia must-see speed hack

VALORANT is a character-based tactical shooter where each agent has unique abilities that players can buy at the start of every round.

There are multiple characters in the game that has at least one kit or ability that can be considered as some sort of flash. On top of that, every flash in the game is different from each other in terms of how they work.

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A good example of that would be Omen’s paranoia. Omen has a flash that can be really useful while holding down narrow corners. Especially at a higher level, Omen can stop or delay a 5 man push from small chokepoints throughout multiple maps.

Valorant Omen paranoia tricks
Image via Valorant content

Omen is one of the most played agents in the game with a really dedicated fanbase. However, even some diehard fans had no clue regarding this speed hack.

Omen’s paranoia tricks

Turns out, paranoia’s speed can be tied directly to how your character was moving at the exact moment of casting the ability. Omen’s paranoia can travel really fast or slow depending upon the player’s movement speed at the time of using the ability.

In short, it means if you are moving forward while casting Omen’s paranoia, it will travel at a faster pace. However, if you are moving backward while casting the ability, paranoia will travel much slower than if you were staying still or moving forward.

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Most Omen one tricks had no clue regarding the speed difference between casting the ability while moving forward or backward actually had an impact on how fast the ability travels. This information can come in real handy while defending a site from attackers or hastily taking a site from the defenders.

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