VALORANT live wallpaper for every agent

VALORANT is a 5v5 tactical shooter with characters called agents. Each agent in VALORANT has a unique character design and personality trait that stand out with every cinematic trailer and voice cues in-game.

It may come as no big surprise that following the official launch of VALORANT fans of this tactical shooter has fallen in love with these agents. From knife-wielding Jett to military veteran Brimstone, Riot made each character from the ground up to be as unique as possible.

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Consequently, the game has a character for every playstyle. As these agents became a part of the VALORANT fandom, fans usually love to customize their PCs with custom themes featuring these over-the-top characters.

However, static wallpapers are a thing of the past since players can easily get a live wallpaper that looks even better. A very savvy VALORANT fan decided to do the community a favor by making a live wallpaper for each agent in the game based upon their themes.

How to get live VALORANT wallpapers

Live wallpapers are basically animated wallpaper. Using a third-party application like Wallpaper Engine, fans can easily customize their desktop experience to their liking. To get these wallpapers, first, you have to buy this Wallpaper Engine application on Steam.

Go to this fan’s steam profile link. Here you will be able to download all the live wallpaper for different agents in the game. Make your desktop feel more alive using this method.

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