VALORANT: how long does it take to complete the battle pass?

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Instead of the more traditional battle pass systems from other games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, etc, Riot Games decided to go their own way with VALORANT.

VALORANT has a unique Episode and ACT system where Each Episodes consists of multiple Acts. And each of these Acts will last around 2 months. Furthermore, each new Act will introduce a new battle pass that will include new skins, gun buddies, and other cosmetic items to grind throughout the duration of the ACT.

VALORANT battle pass
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One of the things that most VALORANT players are still confused about is how long do you actually have to play in order to complete all the requirements of the battle pass before the time runs out. Since VALORANT’s battle pass is not renewable, players are more eager to know how many hours do they have to play in order to get what they paid for.

Especial mention goes to u/5i5TEMA for making this breakdown possible.

VALORANT battle pass breakdown:

  • Total XP needed for level 50: 1,372k.
  • Total XP rewarded by daily missions: 4k*63d = 252k
  • Total XP rewarded by weekly missions: 28350 + 32400 + 34450 + 40500 + 44550 + 48000 + 52650 + 60750 + 60750 = 402400
  • Therefore, the total “free” XP: 654400

Basically players have to farm at least 717600 XP just by playing the game. Additionally, each unrated and competitive round rewards players anywhere from 100 XP to 300 XP depending on if the player actually wins the round or not. So, players will get on average 200 XP per game.

A match in VALORANT can last for a long time under ideal conditions. However, taking an average match into consideration, one round usually lasts on average 120 seconds.

Taking everything into account, a player would have to spend in total (717600/200)*120s = 119.6 hours in an ACT in order to unlock every tier in the game. As the battle pass usually lasts around 9 weeks or approximately 63 days, players on average will have to play 13.2 hours in a week or 1.88 hours a day to complete the Battle Pass within the given time.

In summary, a player will have to play at least two hours a day to unlock everything in the battle pass. While it may seem very daunting for people with school or work, this battle pass is still the best value item from Riot Games at the moment.

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