VALORANT fan creates a custom game mode called “Laser chase” where players have to avoid unlimited Brimstone ultimate for 5 minutes

Unlimited Brimstone ultimate sounds very stressful

VALORANT has custom matchmaking for players who want to improve their skills in the game.

Usually, professional VALORANT players use custom matchmaking to experiment with their one-way smoke or arrow lineup. However, as it turns out, some players are now creating whole new game modes in the custom lobby.

The game mode is called “Laser chase“. And the premise is that you play either Jett or Raze on one team while the opposite team will have two Brimstones with unlimited ultimate. Furthermore, Jett and Raze players just have to avoid unlimited Brimstone Ultimate for 5 straight minutes.

Players showcase their unique creation:

Even though it may seem easy for mobile agents like Jett or Raze, in reality, unlimited Brimstone ultimate is actually a very scary sight to behold. On top of that, there are two Brimstones. Consequently, players will have to avoid more than one “Orbital Strike” ultimate at the same time.

Brimstone ultimate
Image via Riot Games

If the team with Brimstone manages to kill both Raze and Jett players on the opposite team within 5 minutes they win. However, if Jett and Raze players can somehow manage to survive the unlimited barrage of Brimstone Ultimate using their movement abilities they win.

So grab at least 5 of your buddies and give this custom game mode a try. From what the players showcased so far, this custom game mode has tremendous potential to be added as a normal game mode in VALORANT.

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