Riot Games has manually banned 1802 cheaters from VALORANT

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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After investigating suspicious players, Riot Games has manually banned around 1802 cheaters from VALORANT.

For their latest title VALORANT, Riot has introduced a new robust anti-cheat called Vanguard. However, due to its intrusive nature, Riot did receive quite a bit of backlash from the community. But Vanguard did and continue to show positive results detecting and auto banning the cheaters from the game.

Just after a month of its full release, Vanguard gave a hardware ban to over 3700 accounts who were using cheats that would cost $100+. Currently, Riot is also taking extra measures to players’ reports as well and they are now notifying the players via email if they reported someone for cheating and the cheater gets banned from the game. 

Although Vanguard is designed to auto-ban suspicious accounts, some hackers are always trying to find vulnerabilities to get undetected. And for those extreme cases, extra measurements are crucial to keeping the game enjoyable for everyone. A lot of players were asking if Riot is taking those precautions or not.

Answering the questions, Riot’s anti-cheat team has confirmed on their dev post that, they are actively working to keep the “the miscreants out”.

“I don’t have a total number of bans to share but I didn’t want you to leave empty-handed so I brought something for you number fans out there: 1802,” Riot Games said. “That’s the number of manual bans the anti-cheat team has issued after investigating suspicious players.”

In order to combat cheaters, Riot’s anti-cheat team would start their day with a list of players who were undetected by Vanguard but were reported by some significant numbers of players. They would manually review each player on the list and based on their activities, Riot would manually take actions against them.

Previously, Riot’s anti-cheat lead also mentioned that they are banning hackers almost every single day in VALORANT. With Riot’s manual review on top of Vanguard’s auto-ban, cheaters should have nightmares cheating in VALORANT now.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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