VALORANT dev confirms butterfly knife is coming to the game

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: u/KuDz0_

In the recent dev stream, a Riot dev confirmed that players are going to get butterfly knife in VALORANT.

Unique cosmetic items such as knife skins play a major role in player retention in a free-to-play game such as VALORANT since it gives players more options to customize their play session in the game. Melee skins or knife skins are generally very sought-after in this tactical shooter genre of video games.

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While VALORANT launched with many different variants of melee weapons, the obvious omission was the Butterfly knife. Butterfly knife predates VALORANT as this type of melee skins was really popular in CSGO.

Butterfly knife confirmed in VALORANT

Ever since VALORANT launched back in 2020, fans of the tactical shooter genre rallied together to let Riot know that they want Butterfly knives in the game. Even though there are other melee skins in the game that have really unique animations, players still requested Riot to add a Butterfly knife in VALORANT.

Seems like die-hard Butterfly knife enthusiasts will no longer have to wait as a Riot developer has confirmed that Butterfly knife is actually coming to the game. However, they didn’t give any exact date on when exactly this melee variant will arrive.

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Based on rumors, the Butterfly knife will be available within next year. Until then we’ll have to make do with other unique melee skins that are currently present in the game.

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