VALORANT 6.11 Patch will Reduce Phantom and Vandal’s Ammo Reserve

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: RIot Games

Phantom and Vandal will receive heavy nerf to their ammo reserves in the upcoming 6.11 update.

As VALORANT is a live-service title, Riot Games keeps pushing new content into the game with almost every update. The developers also change the existing content and features in the game to keep the game balanced and more competitive.

Riot Games releases small to big patches every two weeks or so. With these patches, the developers make notable changes by releasing new Agents, Maps, Game modes, and more. Moreover, they also buff and nerf the existing Agents and weapons that impact the overall meta.

In the 6.10 patch, VALORANT underwent some small but critical quality-of-life changes, including Brimstone’s targeting reticle fix and Spray Wheel update. However, the 6.11 update will be a huge one. We’ve already got the early patch notes released by Riot Game, revealing some of the major changes to the game.

However, among all the changes, the early patch notes did not mention the Phantom and Vandal nerfs. Apparently, Riot Games is making slight changes to these two weapons in the 6.11 update. Let’s find out what to expect.

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Phantom and Vandal Ammo Reserve Nerf

Phantom and Vandal are two of the popular weapons in VALORANT. Both rifles are excellent in medium to long-range combats. However, there has always been an issue of spamming with any weapon in VALORANT, especially the rifles, as they are deadly even while shooting through many objects.

Riot Games is reducing ammo reserve for Phantom and Vandal in the 6.11 patch to tackle that issue. The update will reduce Phantom’s ammo reserve from 90 to 60. On the other hand, Vandal’s ammo reserve will be lowered from 75 to 50.

You can learn more about why Riot Games made the changes in the detailed 6.11 patch notes.

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