How to Fix “Low Client FPS” in VALORANT

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
By Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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Are you facing low client fps in VALORANT? Rest assured, as we show you how to fix it in-game.

VALORANT is a competitive FPS title developed by RIOT Games. Unlike many games out there, it has very low PC system requirements. However, when the minimum requirements are not met, or there’s any compatibility issue, the game shows many in-game problems.

Out of all the in-game problems, one of the most common issues is the low client FPS message which pops up in-game when there is a client-sided problem. However, rest assured, as it is fixable if you follow the correct steps. So, let’s take a look at the fixes for Low Client FPS in VALORANT.

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What is “Low Client FPS” in VALORANT?

Since the game’s launch, Low Client FPS has been a persistent problem. It is mainly a client-sided pop-up at the top-right end of the screen. The infamous issue disheartens players considering the game’s competitive aspect. However, this issue is not limited to low-end PC users, it also affects high-end PC users.

Low Client FPS
Credit: Riot Games

How to Fix “Low Client FPS”

Here are the best methods to fix Low Client FPS in VALORANT:

Fix -1: Disable GPU Overlays

Players using AMD or NVIDIA overlay might face the Low Client FPS issue in-game. The first fix would be to turn off the overlay chained with the GPU. The overlay seems to cause conflict with the in-game client, especially for AMD Radeon GPU users.

How to Turn off AMD ReLive

  1. Open the AMD ReLive tab from the AMD Radeon settings window.
  2. Now toggle off the Instant Replay feature.
  3. Then disable the ReLive setting from the Global tab.

How to Turn off NVIDIA GeForce Experience

  1. Boot the GeForce Experience app.
  2. Now click on the Settings icon at the top-right of the program window.
  3. Head over to the General tab.
  4. Now toggle off the GeForce Experience overlay.

Fix – 2: Update GPU Drivers

If turning off the overlays doesn’t fix the problem, check if your graphics drivers are updated. Next, head to the GPU software and check if your driver version is up to date or not. If not, make sure to update and restart your PC.

Fix – 3: Lower In-Game Settings

If the previous fixes don’t fix the low client fps issue, head over to your in-game settings, set everything to low, and turn off additional settings such as bloom, improving clarity, and experimental sharpening. VALORANT is a graphics-intensive game, so low settings won’t make your game look any different.

VALORANT In-Game Settings
credit: riot games

Make sure to turn off Vsync for high-end PCs. However, we recommend that players enable Vsync for low-end PCs to stabilize the GPU while running the game.

Fix – 4: Disable Full Screen Optimization

Full-screen optimization is a feature that provides a smooth gameplay experience for players. However, the full-screen optimization puts pressure on the performance of the game. So, we recommend players turn off Full Screen Optimization.

  1. Right-click on VALORANT.exe.
  2. Click on the properties and head over to the Compatibility tab.
  3. Now click on Disable full-screen optimizations.
Disable Full Screen Optimization

If you follow these steps carefully, your problem regarding Low Client FPS should be resolved. However, if your issue isn’t resolved after these steps, you can create a ticket from the VALORANT Support page.

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