VALORANT 5.08 PBE Patch Notes: QoL Updates, Bug Fixes, & More

Riot Games has already teased us with all the changes they have in stock for the upcoming VALORANT patch 5.08.

VALORANT Public Environment or more commonly known as VALORANT PBE, is a game testing platform where a few selected players can test new content on upcoming patches that are in development by Riot Games.

Turns out the next VALORANT patch will be a small one since the 5.08 PBE patch notes revealed that the next patch will only feature small Quality of life updates to some agent abilities such as Astra, Sova, Skye, and Sage.

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Other than that, nothing major or meta-shifting will arrive in this patch except the new agent Harbor, who is the new Controller agent from India and has water-based abilities. This new agent is basically the main feature of this PBE 5.08 patch.

Players will be able to finally get their hands on this agent in this new PBE update.

VALORANT 5.08 PBE Patch Notes


  • Fixed an issue where friendly versions of area-damage abilities could overwrite enemy versions of those abilities to deal less damage
  • Fixed issue where Astra’s Nova Pulse hit Reyna while dismissed and Yoru while in Dimensional Drift.
  • Fixed issue where Sova’s Hunter’s Fury destroyed Cypher’s Trapwire when fired near the Trapwire but not actually hitting it.
  • Fixed issue where Skye and Sage could consume their heals on a downed KAY/0, even though he cannot be healed while downed. Now he can not be targeted by these Agents’ heals.

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