How To See Your Purchase History in VALORANT?

You can figure out how much you have spent on your VALORANT account by following a few simple steps.

VALORANT focuses on ability-based gameplay mixed with beautiful visuals, well-designed maps, and exciting lores. VALORANT offers colorful art styles that give the players a joyful experience and make them enjoy the game more.

To go with VALORANT’s colorful aesthetic, Riot constantly releases skins to keep the players interested. The designs, styles, and colors of these skins vary from each other. Naturally, the price of the skins or the bundles differs from each other.

Apart from the skins, players can also spend real-world money on buying Battle Pass, Player cards, Buddies, Sprays, and skin upgrades using VALORANT Points or VPs. And, these don’t come cheap. Players spend hundreds of dollars in VALORANT on VPs to buy these cosmetic items.

However, if you want to know exactly how much you’ve spent on VALORANT, you need to see your VALORANT transaction history. By using VALORANT’s official website and following some steps, you can easily see your detailed purchase history in VALORANT.

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How To See Your Purchase History

Finding your VALORANT purchase history is pretty easy. With the help of VALORANT’s official website, you can not only see how much you’ve spent on VALORANT Points but also other things such as the purchase dates and medium of the transactions.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to see your purchase history:

  1. Go to VALORANT Support Website and sign in with your Riot ID
  2. Go to Purchasing assistance webpage
  3. Scroll down and click Get My Purchase History
  4. You can now see your detailed purchase history
valorant purchase history
Credit: Riot Games

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There you go! Now you know how to see VALORANT purchase history with a few simple clicks. With it, you can also find out specific dates and amounts for each of your transactions.

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