How Can You Make Agents Talk During Matches in VALORANT?

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: Riot Games

If you don’t like speaking through your mic while playing or are unable to do so, don’t worry; you have other ways to communicate with your teammates in VALORANT.

VALORANT is a 5v5 tactical shooter where Agents’ abilities meet the precise gunplay. The game is heavily inspired by Counter-Strike which has pretty similar sets of weapons and features in the game.

It is a team-based game, and players need to coordinate with each other to become victorious. So, communicating with your teammates is a very crucial part of VALORANT. However, there are times when your mic is broken or you don’t want to talk to your teammates via mic for different reasons.

Riot Games has several features to prevent that from happening, such as the team chat option or ping. Riot also includes another feature that most people don’t know about. The feature is called the Radio Command Wheel. With it, you can make your Agents give callouts during a match.

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How Does Radio Command Wheel Work?

Radio Command Wheel is a feature implemented in VALORANT that can be used to give specific calls to your teammates. With simple commands, your Agents will talk specific voice words through the Radio Command Wheel. Instead of writing out what you want to say, using the Radio Command Wheel saves you a lot of time.

Radio Command Wheel
Credit: Riot Games

It is also easier because you can give information to your teammates by pressing only one or two buttons. Riot Games has included all possible callouts in the Radio Command Wheel feature. So, when you want to convey any message to your teammate, you can just use the Radio Command Wheel feature and make your Agents talk for you.

How to Make Your Agents Talk (Turn Radio Command Wheel)

To make your Agents talk during the game, you need to turn the Radio Command Wheel on from the settings. To do that:

  • Open VALORANT and go to Settings
  • Go to Controls and find the Communication tab
  • Scroll down to Radio Commands Wheel settings
  • You’ll find 4 different options under the Radio Commands Wheel settings
  • The Radio Command Wheel Index and Combat/ Tactics Radio Command Wheel are the same, so bind any convenient key for any of these options
  • Then, bind any convenient key for the Strategy Radio Command Wheel
  • Again, bind any convenient key for the Social Radio Command Wheel (this one is optional as this wheel does not contain any important callouts)
  • Now, if you are in a VALORANT match, depending on what you want to say, press the designated button to open Combat/ Tactics, Social, or Strategy Radio Command Wheel
  • While keeping the button pressed, choose any message with your mouse
  • If you selected what you want your Agent to say, leave the button
  • Your Agent will now talk

All Agent Voice Words & Radio Commands

Radio Command Wheel
Credit: Riot Games

There are a total of 22 voice words and radio commands under 3 command wheels in VALORANT. 8 voice words under the Combat/ Tactics Radio Command Wheel, 6 under the Social Radio Command Wheel, and 8 under the Strategy Radio Command Wheel. The commands are as follows:

  • Combat/ Tactics Radio Command Wheel
    • Caution
    • Rotating
    • I’ll Take Point
    • Need Healing
    • On My Way
    • Ultimate Status
    • Need Support
    • Watching Area
  • Social Radio Command Wheel
    • Hello
    • Yes
    • Sorry
    • No
    • Commend
    • Thanks
  • Strategy Radio Command Wheel
    • Play for Picks
    • Rush Them
    • Going A
    • Going B
    • Going C
    • Let’s Rotate
    • Fall Back
    • Be Quiet

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Well, there you go! Now you know how to make your Agents talk and communicate with your teammates without even opening your mic. This will make your VALORANT journey less frustrating and more enjoyable.

By Nazmul Hassan FPS Editor
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