VALORANT 5.08 Patch Notes: Harbor Goes Live, QoL Updates, Bug Fixes, & More

VALORANT Patch Notes 5.08 is finally out, and with it comes the new controller agent from India.

The main attraction of the VALORANT patch 5.08 is the introduction of the new controller agent in VALORANT. Harbor, a new water-based controller agent from India, will join the current roster with this patch.

Aside from that, Episode 5 Act 3 will also go live alongside this new controller agent. So, a new battle pass will also go live alongside this patch. Other than that, this patch includes quality-of-life improvements and basic bug fixes.

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Riot also introduced a small visual change in the Pearl map with this update.

VALORANT 5.08 Patch Notes





  • Fixed an issue where friendly versions of area-damage abilities could overwrite enemy versions of those abilities to deal less damage
  • Fixed a bug where Viper’s Toxic Screen could have small gaps around ground level in specific map locations


  • Fixed various minimap bugs:
    • Ally position indicators would persist on the edge of minimap even after ally came back into view
    • In some cases, KAY/O’s Suppression Blade position indicator could appear twice on the minimap
    • Opening the larger map (defaulted to Caps Lock and ‘M’) during round transition could cause spawn barriers to appear as a single pixel
    • “Recently Seen Enemy” icon indicators could sometimes update their position without the enemy being visible


pearl map patch 5.08
Image via Riot Games
    • Fixed a sliver line of sight from A Main to A Link

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