Valkyrae and CouRage become co-owners of 100 Thieves

Two of the biggest content creators under the 100 Thieves umbrella have become co-owners of the organization.

Jack “CouRage” Dunlop and Rachel “Valkyrae” Hofstetter have become co-owners of the 100 Thieves Esports organization. According to the official statement provided by the organization, both of them have been an integral part of their meteoric rise.

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Therefore, it is apt that they should become major stakeholders within the organization. Meaning these content creators will now join Nadeshot as part of leadership within the organization.

A massive change to the ownership structure

100 Thieves was initially meant to be just a clothing brand, according to Nadeshot. However, the competitive fire within Nadeshot turned this clothing brand into a respectable Esports organization at this point. Even though their competitive accolades aren’t as varied as some of their main competitors, what 100 Thieves have accomplished within such a short duration of time is nothing but exemplary.

CouRage and Valkyrae both started out as content creators and streamers for the organization a while ago. Even though both of them received lucrative offers from other notable organizations, they pledged their loyalty to only 100 Thieves.

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Turns out, they have been heavily compensated for the massive success of the organization as a whole. Instead of just being content creators they will now be a core part of the brand moving forward.

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