Riot Teases Upcoming Fighter Class Changes

As the entire Fighter class is unbalanced in League of Legends, Riot Phlox assures players that various changes are being worked for the class.

There are various classes in League of Legends. And the most popular of them is the Fighter class.

Fighters in League of Legends are short-ranged champions who excel at dealing significant damage while having a good sustain. Furthermore, the only downside of the fighter class is their limited range, as they can get kited easily. This downside is quickly neglected as most fighters have some movement ability or buff.

Since the durability update, fighters have become generally overpowered thanks to high sustain while also dishing out enormous damage. Even after nerfing many fighter champions and their respective items, they are still some of the characters with the highest win rate.

For a recent example, Riot, for preseason 2023, reworked many existing items. One of the reworked items is Ravenous Hydra. Additionally, a slight change to its stats and adding a new scaling passive made most of the fighters a force to be reckoned with. Moreover, many champions were not only building Ravenous Hydra as their first item but also some were only buying legendary items with Ravenous Hydra, as for them, Mythic items didn’t produce much value.

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League of Legends: Fighter Class Changes

A Designer at the Summoner’s Rift Team, Riot Phlox, recently showed a preview of the upcoming patch 13.1. While he was giving their reasoning for specific changes to the patch, he also assured fans that changes to the fighter class are happening, especially with their sustain.

However, he did mention that they aren’t entirely “hashed out” yet. So all of the changes are subject to change. Because of that, we cannot be sure what Riot might be changing.

As for when the changes are coming, Riot Phlox did give a rough estimation. According to him, Riot will implement the fighter changes in the next few patches. Moreover, this means that the changes will be coming in season 13. As for a rough estimation, we might see the rework around patch 13.5, which is scheduled to release on March 7, 2023.

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