Ravenous Hydra Receives Massive Nerfs on Patch 12.23

Riot confirms some much-needed nerfs for Ravenous Hydra.

Patch 12.23 is shaping up to be a big one, being a follow-up to the massive changes in Patch 12.22; it will contain a plethora of changes. These changes include tank buffs, more jungle changes, a bunch of champion mini-reworks, and, most importantly, nerfs to some champions and items. Additionally, the patch will also be the last patch of 2022.

With the Preseason 2023 update, Riot introduced some new items and reworked some older ones. And one of the bigger reworks is the Ravenous Hydra rework. The item before the rework was quite underwhelming. It didn’t provide enough stats, nor was it cost-efficient. Thus this Preseason Riot reworked Ravenous Hydra.

With the rework, Riot nerfed its AD by five and Omnivamp by 1% while adding a new passive called Carnivorous, which gave stacking AD and Omnivamp by killing minions up to  24 bonus AD and 4% Omnivamp. 

The item was really overpowered upon release, and Riot hotfix nerfed it by increasing its cost by 100. Sadly, the cost increase wasn’t enough to balance the item. So Riot is nerfing the item again.

The lead Designer of the League Balance Team, Riot Phroxzon, shared the Ravenous Hydra nerfs on his Twitter page.

Ravenous Hydra Nerf

  • Omnivamp on Full Stacks: 4% >>> 0%.
  • Splash Damage (Melee/Ranged): 60%/30% >>> 50%/25%.

The Carnivorous passive was one of the biggest problems with the reworked Ravenous Hydra. It gave way too much AD and Omnivamp to its users. So Riot on specifically targeting it on Patch 12.23.

Riot is removing the Ravenous Hydra passive Omnivamp and nerfing the splash damage by 10/5%. This should tone down the item a bit, but it might require further nerfs in the future.

Release Date

The Ravenous Hydra nerf will hit live servers in patch 12.23, scheduled to release on December 7, 2022.

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