Ultimate Recharge Time for Each Legend – Apex Legends

Knowing Ultimate Recharge time is crucial so that you know whether it is worth it to engage or not especially in the late game when the time between circles grows shorter.

Here is the list of specific ultimate recharge times for each legend in Apex Legends:

LegendUltimateCooldownReal-Time CD
BangaloreRolling Thunder270 Secs4:30 Mins
BloodhoundBeast of the Hunt180 Secs3:00 Mins
CausticNox Gas Grenade120 Secs2:00 Mins
CryptoWeapon Drone EMP180 Secs3:00 Mins
GibraltarDefensive Bombardment180 Secs3:00 Mins
LifelineCare Package360 Secs6:00 Mins
MirageVanishing Act150 Secs2:30 Mins
OctaneLaunchPad90 Secs1:30 Mins
PathfinderZipline Gun120 Secs2:00 Mins
WattsonInterception Pylon180 Secs*3:00 Mins*
WraithDimensional Rift150 Secs2:30 Mins

Wattson‘s ultimate cd can be lowered to 7 sec with the help of an ultimate accelerant since it instantly charges her ultimate. Ultimate accelerant also cuts 35% off the time it takes for legends ultimate to charge so, for Lifeline who has the longest charge time in the game it takes off 126 seconds from it’s charge time making it 4:50 mins.

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Here is another table for the different ring times so that you can use those to calculate ultimate recharge rates depending on the ring.

RoundWait PeriodTime To CloseTotal Time
13:00 Mins2:00 Mins5:00 Mins
22:30 Mins2:00 Mins4:30 Mins
32:15 Mins2:00 Mins4:15 Mins
42:00 Mins2:00 Mins4:00 Mins
51:30 Mins1:40 Mins3:10 Mins
61:30 Mins1:40 Mins3:10 Mins
72:00 Mins1:20 Mins3:20 Mins
80:20 Mins1:20 Mins1:40 Mins


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