Udyr and Hecarim to get massive nerf on patch 11.7

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Riot Games is finally giving some massive nerf to Udyr and Hecarim in League of Legends patch 11.7.

In the 2021 preseason, Riot nerfed and adjusted most of the tank items, including the Turbo Chemtank. However, even with all the adjustments, some champions who rely on speed, like Udyr and Hecarim, have been abusing the items in both the pro games and solo queue.

The current state of the pro games is either Udyr and Hecarim are banned in almost every game or picked by both teams. Even though they have already nerfed a couple of times, Udyr and Hecarim are still one of the strongest junglers in League of Legends.

Now, League of Legends Gameplay Design Director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter has confirmed that both Udyr and Hecarim are set to receive some major nerfs in LoL Patch 11.7.

Udyr Nerfs Patch 11.7

  • Base AD: 66 >>> 64

At the start of season 11, Udyr casually became one of the strongest champions in the game from being one of the weakest. All the buffs in season 10, along with the Turbo Chemtank build, made him the champion every jungler struggles to encounter.

Even with the nerfs on patch 11.5, Udyr still has a 51.38% win rate with a massive 41.3% ban rate in the Plat+ Elo. Moreover, he also has an astonishing 70.1% presence in the pro games, where he is banned more than 1000 times.

Now, with this nerf on patch 11.7, Udyr might finally be out from this “who can run faster” jungle meta.

Hecarim Nerfs Patch 11.7

  • E:
    • Maximum Move Speed 75% >>> 65%

The state of Hecarim is pretty much similar to Udyr in League of Legends, presumably even more annoying. Even with the nerfs on patch 11.6, Hecarim currently has the highest ban rate worldwide. The 60.3% ban rate in Plat+ Elo clearly shows how much players hate to face against him.

With the Phase Rush, Turbo Chemtank, and Dead Man’s Plate combo, Hecarim become an incredibly fast and bothersome pony who can one-shot the backline going full tank. And now, after patch 11.7, the reign of Hecarim might finally come to an end.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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