Ubisoft pays tribute to Siege legend ‘KiXSTAr’ by adding a plaque in-game

A tribute to late Rainbow Six Siege professional caster Michael “KiXSTAr” Stockley has been added to the game.

In a recent tweet, made by Ubisoft esports director Wei Yue, we got to see the tribute to legendary commentator and esports personality Michael “KiXSTAr” Stockley that has been added to the Presidential Plane map.

KiXSTAr’s ace on the map of Presidential Plane is one of the most popular Siege clips that caught the attention of the whole community. The 1v5 ace clutch showed off KiXSTAr’s impressive mechanical skill, as he whipped the enemies with the R4-C then the 5.7 USG pistol all near the stairs of the Presidential Plane map.

To keep this moment cemented to the game, Ubisoft has added a plaque with KiXSTAr’s logo at the bottom of the stairs.

KiXSTaR was one of the most popular members of the Rainbow Six Siege competitive community. He started Siege as a pro-player back in 2016 with Team Orbit, and then shifted away to a casting role later that year.

Ubisoft’s tribute is being appreciated by the whole Rainbow Six and the esports community.

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