Ubisoft has banned over 10,000 cheaters in Hyper Scape already and more bans are incoming

Ubisoft’s anti-cheat BattlEye has given Hardware ID and permanent ban to over 10,000 cheaters in Hyper Scape already and more bans are incoming.

It’s nothing new to encounter hackers or cheaters on FPS and battle royale titles and Hyper Scape is not different. Although the game is still on the beta phase, Hyper Scape has already been targeted by thousands of cheaters.

A couple of days ago cheaters issue was so obnoxious that, there was at least one cheater in every single game. And players were obviously not happy about it and they were calling out Ubisoft to for their lack of actions.

Ubisoft however did break their silence about hackers on the latest blog post. They started the post acknowledging that there are cheaters/hackers in Hyper Scape and they are “popping up more and more.”

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Ubisoft uses BattlEye for Hyper Scape’s anti-cheat solution. And BattlEye activates as soon as players enter matchmaking, not in post-game. So, Ubisoft ensured that all the game-breaking things in the lobby or training areas are in fact not possible in the actual game because of BattlEye.

They also mentioned that “Once those same players connect to a lobby, BattlEye detects them and deals with them, generally with an automatic account ban or hardware ban, within minutes of detection.”

And with this process, BattlEye has already permanently banned over 10,000 accounts for cheating/hacking in Hyper Scape. They will continue to scale up which will lead to more bans in the upcoming future.

Players have been asking for a better reporting system in Hyper Scape like other BR games and regarding this issue, Ubisoft said, “we’re pleased to say a first version of our player reporting system is arriving at the start of season 1, which is coming very soon.”

Once season 1 goes live Ubisoft will continue to monitor their system and will revamp it during Season 1, Season 2, and onward based on feedbacks.

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