Twitch Streamer JakenBake Has Been Banned

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Credit: JakenBake Twitter Account

Twitch Streamer JakenBake was recently banned from the streaming platform Twitch.

JakenBake is an American Twitch streamer famous for his IRL content. Jake usually vlogs his journey around the globe showing his travels in cities like Shanghai, Tokyo, China, and Japan. Before becoming a Twitch streamer Jake pursued a business degree in Marketing. After completing his Marketing degree Jake studied in China for about two years as an exchange student.

Jake became fluent in Mandarin within these two years and started streaming on the Chinese app Inke. Now he has moved to Tokyo where he streams his travel vlogs on Twitch. His Twitch channel JakenBakeLive has more than 500,000 folloowers.

Recently JakenBake was banned from the biggest streaming platform Twitch. Read below to learn more details about the Twitch ban of JakenBakeLive.

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JakenBake Banned:

A Twitter bot called StreamerBans, which keeps track of Twitch bans has published the news of the ban. This is JakenBake’s first ban ever on the streaming platform Twitch.

Reason for JakenBake’s Twitch Ban:

Soon after the Ban, JakenBake commented under the StreamerBans Tweet stating the reason for the ban. The ban was for JakenBake’s recent Track Stream.

Jake looked at his phone while cooling down his vehicle during his recent Livestream. According to Kotaku Twitch policy on driving is as follows, “Twitch’s rules state that you must “safely broadcast” from moving vehicles. Specifically, they say that you can’t directly operate your broadcasting equipment (a phone, camera, or what have you) while driving.”

JakenBake’s Response:

Jake also clearly provided reference to what actually happened and his thoughts on the ban.

JakenBake Twitch ban reason Credit: JakenBake Twitter

Jake wrote, “Got reported for looking at my phone as I was cooling down my car. I made the conscious decision to do that because it was a closed track and private event on private property. I assumed that would be fine.”

Jake went on to write, “I go out of my way to never hold my phone or read chat while driving and even teach safe driving habits(The dozens of driving streams we have had) and the majority of all of you know this.”

“It’s probably because someone reported a clip. Anyways I’m getting a 7-day ban I was just informed.”

Jake got a 7 day ban and was informed about the duration by Twitch.

“However based on the context of the situation I will be submitting a ban appeal. Due to the environment and nature of how it happened- I don’t believe it falls under the same category as using your phone while driving normally.”

Jake plans to submit a ban appeal due to the nature of the whole situation.

“Hoping that goes through. Unfortunately, I feel pretty down about it tbh. I understand the severity and WHY, but situationally I think it makes sense as to why I deemed that as safe and ok in the environment we were in.”

Jake also mentioned that he feels pretty down about the whole Twitch ban situation and understands the reason why Twitch did something like this but at the same time explains why he thought it was ok to do what he did at the time.

Hopefully, JakenBake’s appeal goes through to Twitch and his ban gets lifted so his followers can enjoy his stream once again.

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