Twitch Banned Ryan Higa Then Unbanned Him a Few Minutes Later During an Among Us Stream

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Ryan Higa/ Twitch

Twitch recently banned Ryan Higa and then unbanned him shortly after during his 25th March Among Us Livestream.

Ryan Higa is a popular American internet personality, YouTuber, and Streamer. Ryan is most famous for his comedic sketch videos on the YouTube channel nigahiga which he started back in 2006. His YouTube channel was the most subscribed for 677 consecutive days from 2009 to 2011. Ryan Higa streams Among Us on Twitch with streamers like Valkyrae, Corpse Husband, Leslie, Disguised Toast, and others.

On March 25 Ryan Higa was streaming Among Us with other OfflineTV streamers when suddenly his stream closed abruptly. To everyone’s shock Ryan’s Twitch channel was banned by Twitch. One of Fuslie’s Twitch stream clips captured the moment Ryan Higa got banned.

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Shortly after Ryan got an email from Twitch saying his Twitch account was banned for “Hateful Conduct”

About 20 minutes after the ban Twitch decided to unban Ryan Higa’s Twitch account. Apparently, Twitch made a mistake and banned Ryan Higa wrongfully.

After the unban Ryan said in his Livestream that “If they ban me again I’m just gonna stream on YouTube”.

Twitch Apologizes to Ryan Higa:

Twitch later send an apology for the ban on Ryan’s Twitch channel.

Ryan said, “They sent us an apology guys. It was a wrongful banning. It was identified and should have never happened in the first place. They didn’t say why but it was a wrongful banning and they apologized to me, which is nice of them.”

He later voiced his concern regarding the situation happening to someone else, “But, I still can’t believe that could happen to some Twitch streamer”.

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