TSM Wins ALGS North American Regional Final

Himel Mahmud
By Himel Mahmud
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Credit: Respawn

Respawn secretly hosted the ALGS Regional Finals following last week’s massive tournament hack.

TSM’s Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen posted on social media that TSM has won the ALGS North American Regional Final, confirming that the tournament was hosted in secret. ImperialHal posted the tournament results on Twitter, posted the tournament video from his perspective on YouTube, and later hosted a watch party explaining the tournament on his stream.

Last week, two top Apex Legends professional players, Phillip’ ImperialHal’ Dosen and Noyan’ Genburten’ Ozkose were hacked during the ALGS tournament. The hacker enabled aimbot and wall hacks on both players’ systems, causing Respawn to cancel the tournament. One of the hackers, named Destroyer2009, later revealed that he hacked the players just for fun.

After the fourth game, TSM won the match with a massive 12-kill game on Storm Point. They won the tournament in just three games, taking the total number of games played to seven. Legacy created a lot of pressure on TSM, as they also looked settled after the restart. With only one game played on Match Point, Legacy was the only team in the tournament to win more than one match.

Respawn announced that it postponed the tournament and will be hosting it later. However, the creators of Apex Legends decided to finish the tournament secretly and without a live stream. Some players from the Apex Legends community noticed that the participating players in the tournament were not streaming on March 25, and many professional players were playing in custom lobbies.

ALGS Regional Finals Standings (NA)

  • TSM – 80 (Match Point Winners)
  • Legacy – 72
  • Moist – 59
  • SSG – 56
  • E8 – 51
  • DarkZero – 49
  • Disguised – 41
  • OpTic – 40
  • Luminosity – 38
  • N8V – 38

The tournament was recorded and was later broadcast on March 26, at 5 PM PT on the PlayApex channel on Twitch.

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