TSM FTX benches Drone from their starting VALORANT roster

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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As we are really close to VALORANT’s 2nd Qualifier for a chance to play in Berlin, TSM FTX made another roster change ahead of the tournament.

Starting from today Tayler “Drone” Johnson is no longer a part of TSM FTX’s starting VALORANT roster. According to TSM FTX, they have made the decision to bench Drone for the moment. Also, they are actively looking for a fifth member to complete their VALORANT roster for the upcoming Qualifier 2.

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TSM FTX was one of the first NA organizations to dominate the pro VALORANT scene in its infancy back in 2020. Since VALORANT was really new to the tactical shooter genre, only a handful of organizations invested in the new prospect.

TSM FTX benches Drone

During the first few tournaments, TSM FTX dominated the VALORANT esports scene with a roster full of ex-professional counter-strike players. It was not that surprising since VALORANT has a lot of similarities with CSGO. Therefore, it made sense to acquire players who were already pro at that scene.

Despite winning the first couple of tournaments, TSM FTX started to slowly dwindle away in the face of rising competitions from other organizations in NA as well as up-and-coming talents from the region.

Following some setbacks in the recent tournaments, they decided to try out new players such as Brax. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out and he was let go from the roster. Now, TSM FTX seems to be making another change that may sound controversial to some in the VALORANT community.

Drone’s response:

The removal of Drone from their active roster will certainly make things tough for their upcoming tournaments against other organizations.

TSM FTX fans were shocked at the news of Drone being benched from the active roster. According to Drone, it was a good ride and he is now looking forward to a new chapter in life. As of now, there no news regarding who will replace him in the active roster. As mentioned above, TSM FTX is now actively pursuing new opportunities to fill up its VALORANT roster.

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