TrainHard Esport Shuts Down just hours before R6 EUL match

The French organization of TrainHard Esport has announced it has officially closed its doors earlier today.

The announcement comes as a surprise to many and just mere hours before TrainHard’s scheduled match against Na’Vi in the Rainbow Six European League.

“After many years in esports and unforgettable moments, it’s time for us to let go mostly because of economical reasons,” the organization stated on its farewell Twitter post.

Back in March 2021, TrainHard joined the EU League by acquiring the license from Tempra Esports, who also unexpectedly left the scene. BlaZ and NoerA were joined by the Tempra core roster of Chaoxys, Dirza, and later Voy to form a full French roster.

TrainHard has finished Stage 1 of EUL in eighth place and has gained only three points in the first two matches of Stage 2. With the organization shutting down hours before their 3rd EUL playday, the ex-TrainHard roster was allowed to complete the match yesterday, where they lost 7-2 to Na’Vi.

However, in the Rainbow Six Siege Circuit Global Rulebook under “License Requirements” it states that “All Teams competing in the Rainbow Six Circuit must be represented by a legal entity (association, company …) in order to be provided with a license.”

Therefore, without an org, it is unlikely the TrainHard roster will be eligible to continue playing in the EU League. Organizations have left the scene abruptly before, but this has never happened during an ongoing season. So, it will be up to Ubisoft to decide what the future holds for this roster. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

Update (5th July): TrainHard Siege roster allowed to compete in EUL Stage 2 as ‘unKnights’

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