This VALORANT Clip Shows Why it is Important To Check Every Corner

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: Riot Games

A Player sends a message to everyone by showing what happens if you don’t check every corner in VALORANT.

After League of Legends’ massive success, Riot Games decided to enter the FPS genre with VALORANT. Despite solid competition from CS: GO and Overwatch, Riot Games managed to garner a dedicated player base consisting of players from different FPS games.

VALORANT is a 5v5 tactical shooter with a touch of ability-based gameplay. The game closely resembles CS: GO in terms of raw gameplay. Team play, mechanical skill, and game sense are equally important as using abilities in VALORANT.

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Why it is Important to Check Every Corner

Knowing the maps and their layout to the core is very important. Players must always be very wary of enemies’ positions, as one wrong move can cost a valuable round. This is one of the reasons why players need to check every corner thoroughly to avoid unexpected flanks.

A Reddit user named u/yeetmymeatyfeet shows us precisely what can go wrong by not checking corners. It was a 1v4 situation, clearly favoring the Attackers in Bind in the clip. However, Reyna tried her luck by hiding under the Hookah window near the B site.

Enemy KAY/o jumped over her like nobody was there, which was the major mistake that cost them the round. Two more players crossed after KAY/o thinking the site was clear, and Reyna found the perfect opportunity to make a highlight out of them.

It was an important round for the Defenders, falling behind two rounds. Nonetheless, Reyna showed us an impressive trigger discipline and sent a message to her enemies to always check corners thoroughly.

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