This Omen Teleport Trick Can Reveal Nearby Enemies’ Position in VALORANT

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: Riot Games

There’s an Omen teleport trick most people don’t know about, and it can reveal enemies’ position behind any smoke.

VALORANT is a 5v5 tactical shooter by Riot Games, the same company that introduced League of Legends. The basic gameplay of VALORANT is based on its Agents and their abilities. So, it is the Agents who control the game’s momentum.

Because there are so many Agents’ abilities and possibilities, a lot can happen in VALORANT. Thousands of players frequently discover new tips and tricks for various Agents, Maps, and abilities. Players can leverage these tricks to create amazing content and highlights.

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Omen Teleport Trick

Omen is a mysterious being from an unknown origin. He is a Controller who renders his enemies blind, teleports across the field, then lets paranoia take hold as his enemies scramble to learn where he might strike next.

One of Omen’s basic abilities is Shrouded Step, more commonly referred to as teleport. After equipping the Shrouded Step ability, a range indicator pops up, which points to where he can teleport upon command. But, any obstructive object in the way will prevent Omen from teleporting to a far range.

Shrouded Step is a unique ability that can let Omen take an advantageous position or escape from the enemies. However, a Reddit user from VALORANT community named u/LilFrance125 shared a clip that shows Omen’s teleport can offer more than repositioning and escaping.

Combining Omen’s teleport with smoke, Omen can reveal nearby enemies’ positions. All you need to do is get behind a friendly or enemy smoke, equip Omen’s Shrouded Step, and point toward to opposite end of the smoke where enemies may be standing.

If enemies are there, the range indicator will get blocked by enemies, and you will know where to shoot. Enemies will never know what hit them, and you may win a round pretty easily. This trick also works with Phoenix, Viper, and Neon’s wall. So feel free to try it out in a match before Riot Games decides to remove it from the game.

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