This Apex Legends Bug Lets L-Star Shoot Infinite Ammo

A player from the popular battle royale first-person shooter game Apex Legends finds a bug for L-Star Light Machine Gun that lets players shoot continuously without resetting its overheat meter.

Apex Legends entered the popular battle royale gaming market in February 2019. Besides other features, the game also became popular for its movement mechanics and precise gunplay. However, the game was not free from its flaws.

Apex Legends went through continuous patches and updates to keep the game alive and engaging to the mass player base. The Maps, Legends, Weapons, and other features always go through constant playtests before they become live in-game for the players.

Nevertheless, some bugs and glitches always make their way out of the playtests into the final version of the game. We have seen Gibraltars enter a building with Caustic Gas Traps attached to his Gunshield, and we have also witnessed players jump to space by punching loot bins.

While some of the bugs and glitches did not hurt anyone and everyone had a good laugh, there have been some cases where exploits have ruined the game for many players. For example, the unlimited Revved up Rampage glitch with a single incendiary grenade or infinite Wraith Portal in season 1.

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Apex Legends Player finds a way to reset the overheat meter for L-Star

The L-Star appeared in Apex Legends in season 2 as a care package weapon. The weapon was not a popular choice majority of Apex players until it received a substantial buff in season 10. After the buff, many players including a lot of pros started using the L-Star as their primary weapon because of how good the weapon had become.

Unfortunately, the L-Star was nerfed again in season 11 because of how overpowered it turned into. However, it is still a good weapon for dire need situations. Recently, a Reddit user named jacknoyan has found an exploit for L-Star, where players can shoot continuously with it without letting it overheat.

In the clip, you can see that the player is shooting targets in the Firing Range with an L-Star equipped with a Purple Energy Mag, and as soon as the L-Star is about to overheat, he unequips the Energy Mag from the gun, and it basically stops the gun from overheating.

If a player is fast enough, he can literally shoot L-Star continuously without stopping and wipe a full squad at once. All he will require is an Energy Mag, no matter whether it is a Purple or White Mag.

Though it is not a major exploit, and not many players know about it, it will still be annoying if someone uses it in a game no matter if you are the victim or the user. It is still unclear if Respawn has known about this issue or not. We might be able to see a fix in the next update in season 13.

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