There are Currently 23 Champions that do not Use Mana

Among 148 champions in the League of Legends universe, 23 champions do not use mana to cast their abilities. 15 of them do not use any kind of resources to cast their ability, 5 of them use Energy and 3 of them use Health to cast an ability.

Champions that do not use any kind of resource

There are currently 15 champions that do not use any kind of mana, energy or health to cast an ability.

  1. Aatrox
  2. Garen
  3. Gnar
  4. Katarina
  5. Kled
  6. Mordekaiser
  7. Rek’Sai
  8. Renekton
  9. Rengar
  10. Riven
  11. Rumble
  12. Sett
  13. Shyvana
  14. Tryndamere
  15. Yasuo

Fun Fact: Five out of eight champions whose names start with R do not use mana. Rakan, Rammus, Rek’Sai, Renekton, Rengar, Riven, Rumble, Ryze (Bold ones do not use mana).

Energy-based Champions

There few champions that use Energy instead of mana. Energy is an alternative resource that is designed to inhibit the casting of the basic abilities of a few champions. It is represented by a yellow bar instead of blue

Currently, there are 5 champions that use energy as their resource

  1. Akali
  2. Kennen
  3. Lee Sin
  4. Shen
  5. Zed

Champions that use Health as a resource

There are 6 champions in League of Legends that use their own Health to cast an ability. And among 6, 3 of them do not have mana or energy.

  1. Dr. Mundo
  2. Vladimir
  3. Zac

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