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There are a total of 15 paths you can go down in The Quarry. Keep reading to learn about the consequences of all of them.

Supermassive Games has brought us a brand new decision interactive game in a survival horror setting. The Quarry is a story of 9 teenage summer camp counselors trapped in the werewolf-infested Hackett’s Quarry. The fate of these teenagers rests on your shoulders, as you change the course of this 10-hour-long horror story with your decisions.

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Of course, the game will present you with a myriad of choices throughout the course of its 12 chapters. However, not all of them are equally important; meaning, not all of them will have a direct impact on the ending you’re going to get.

With that being said, The Quarry has a way of letting the players know when certain decisions they’ve taken will directly alter the course of the story. In this guide, we will be explaining how exactly Paths work in The Quarry, along with every possible Path you can take in the game.

How do Paths work in The Quarry?

Paths represent the major story routes that The Quarry has to offer. A series of decisions with long-term repercussions will unlock different story paths, which will then continue to be updated. Once you’ve made your first major decision in the game, the “Path Chosen” notification will appear on your screen. As your decisions diverge, more paths will continue to unlock. You can then view these paths from your Menu.

This is the game’s way of letting you know that the decision you just made will directly impact one or more characters’ fate and, subsequently, the story ending you get. This includes who dies, who lives, and what information you’ve learned. Then, when you make more decisions down a particular story path, you’ll get the “Path Updated” notification.

List of All Paths in The Quarry

There are a total of 15 story paths you can unlock in The Quarry.

Path #1 – Laura and Max

Laura and Max are the very first characters you start off the game with. As a result, this path will be automatically activated. Although their interactions are only limited to the Prologue and Chapter 7, unlocking this path determines whether or not they are on good terms by the end of the story.

However, that’s only considering that they both survived the night. Throughout the course of the two chapters they spend together, Laura will have plenty of opportunities to be either supportive or harsh towards Max.

The defining factor of this path is when you have the option to choose whether to help Max or leave him when he gets infected in the Prologue chapter. Choose to help Max if you want their relationship to survive in the end. Depending on what other decisions you make, you might get an ending where they both survive and reunite.

Path #2 – Above The Law

This story path also unlocks during the Prologue if you make the right series of decisions. Not only that but achieving this path is vital for getting the true/best ending of the game. To unlock this path, you have to be honest with Travis Hackett when he investigates your car and asks you questions.

To get on his good side, focus on giving positive responses during the whole conversation. Although, the path will continue to be updated throughout the course of the story. And in chapter 7, you must not take Travis’ gun. However, you should steal the syringe, hide it in your cell by loosening a brick, and knock him out with it.

If you fail to find the syringe or fail to hide it from Travis, you’ll have to make your escape by shooting him – which will permanently close off this story path and shut you out from getting the true ending. That’s because Travis will kill Laura in Chapter 9 for shooting him in Chapter 7, and no other positive decisions can make this right.

Lastly, you’ll also have to keep Ryan alive by allowing Laura to bite him and then passing the QTE for shooting Chris’ werewolf form. Only then will Laura turn back human, and Travis will choose to put their enmity aside to work together and find Silas as a means of breaking his family curse.

Path #3 – A Fool’s Errand

A Fool’s Errand story path is unlocked by Jacob in Chapter 1, as he attempts to sabotage the van to spend one more night at the Quarry. This Path determines the end relationship of Jacob and Emma and the subsequent turmoil that brews between them. Although both options unlock this path, you should still steal the rotor arm instead of breaking the fuel line in Chapter 1. And there are plenty of reasons why this decision matters.

Firstly, you need the rotor arm to collect another vital piece of evidence in Chapter 3. And breaking the fuel line will cause the van to catch fire. However, getting to the end of this path is difficult because Jacob is hard to keep alive. Moreover, Emma also needs to turn into a werewolf and survive. To learn exactly what you need to do to complete this path, read our guide on how to get to the “Nobody’s Fool” ending.

Path #4 – Down The Rabbit Hole

This Path can also be unlocked in Chapter 1, but by Abigail and Emma. Rather than character relationships, this path is centered around being able to hide from werewolves and using traps and distractions. To activate it, you must help Emma break into Cabin 10 to get her bags. Doing so will give Abi, Emma, and Nick a place to hide in Chapter 5.

Not only that, but if Abi chooses to keep the toy rabbit she finds in Cabin 10, she can eventually leave it behind in the lodge’s kitchen. This will open up the possible path where Kaitlyn can use the toy as a means to distract Caleb and trap him in the freezer during their final showdown in Chapter 10.

Path #5 – Playing With Fire

This pathway unlocks an additional weapon that you can use against hunters and werewolves in Chapter 6. In Chapter 2, when Emma and Jacob walk around the general store, they will come across a shotgun and a sticky note with a combination to a safe.

If you choose to interact with the safe in the storage area, you will find some fireworks alongside bullets for the gun you just picked up. At that moment, if you choose to take the fireworks with you, you will unlock the Playing with Fire path.

Emma will be ambushed by hunters as well as a werewolf in the woods in Chapter 6. Given you took the fireworks with you in Chapter 2, you can retrieve them later from the firepit. This will allow you to use these fireworks as a weapon against the monster and hunters and prevent you from getting bitten during this chapter.

Moreover, it will also prevent the possible deaths of Abigail and/or Dylan. That’s because Emma will kill either of these characters when she turns into a werewolf.

Path #6 – Watch Your Step

This Path has less serious consequences and can be unlocked during Chapter 2 when you’re exploring Chris Hackett’s office as Dylan and Ryan. When inspecting the office, Dylan will find a trapdoor that leads to an underground cellar.

You’ll be presented with the option to climb down to check out the place or shut the door. You won’t find anything of substance if you choose to climb down the ladder. However, climbing down is the only way of activating the Watch Your Step story path.

The consequence of this story path is that Dylan will accidentally damage one of the steps of the ladder. As a result, when Abigail tries to climb the ladder in a later chapter, the step will break. With that being said, it is possible to regain your balance with a QTE. So, this pathway only exists to momentarily scare players into thinking that Abigail dies as a direct consequence of this path.

Path #7 – Pieces Of Silver

Like the Laura and Max story path, Pieces of Silver focuses on Abigail and Nick’s relationship. This path is activated in Chapter 3 when Nick gets infected. To unlock this Path, you must choose to Help Nick instead of running away to camp.

As more and more time passes, Nick will continue to show increased signs of aggression. The best way to deal with it is by responding with kindness. Then, when Nick loses all sense of humanity in Chapter 6, you must choose to Shoot him. Refusing to shoot will get Abigail killed instantly, and shooting Nick will cause him to flee. Don’t worry though, as he will survive this injury.

If you ensure Abigail’s survival at this point, you will later get to find some silver bullets in the storm cellar that had been left behind by Bobby Hackett. Subsequently, you can give those silver bullets to Kaitlyn in the tenth and final chapter of the game for her showdown with Caleb. This will allow Kaitlyn to take down Caleb in the lodge and also ensure Dylan’s safety as he hides in the kitchen.

Path #8 – Finders Keepers

This path focuses on how much you help out your friends throughout the course of the story. Subsequently, the path will also be updated every time you choose to save yourself over others. The path is unlocked in Chapter 3 when Ryan has to rush to save Nick from the hunter.

To progress this path, you have to take shortcuts to get to Nick as quickly as possible. The shortcuts will be riddled with confusing QTEs, so executing them perfectly will earn you the Nick of Time trophy. Then, you’ll have to shout at the hunter and shoot him.

The hunter will drop a vial of werewolf blood, which you can offer to Laura before finding Silas in the final chapter. From Laura’s perspective, you have to give the vial to Ryan to protect him for the remainder of the night.

Path #9 – Distraction

This Path is affected by whether or not you choose to distract the hunters hunting you down all night. The story path unlocks in Chapter 3 if you choose to throw dirt at the hunter after he cuts Jacob down from the boobytrap.

If you choose not to distract him, he will mark Jacob with wolf’s blood. Jacob is one of the easiest characters to kill, so the wolf blood will protect him in Chapter 6. However, the wolf blood won’t guarantee his survival, so you have to keep up with the QTEs and Don’t Breath.

Path #10 – Helping Hand

The Helping Hand path keeps track of choices where you have to sacrifice limbs to protect yourself. This path will unlock in Chapter 6 if you broke into Cabin 10 in Chapter 1. Otherwise, you will completely miss out on the following events.

When Ryan and Dylan try to use the radio tower to contact outside, Dylan will get his hand bitten. As a result, he will tell you to chop off his hand before the infection spreads and turns him into a werewolf.

At that moment, you can either use the shotgun or chainsaw to decapitate his hand. To make sure the infection doesn’t spread, you have to pick the chainsaw. Using the shotgun here will not prove to be effective, and Dylan will turn into a werewolf.

Path #11 – The White Whale

This path can be unlocked in Chapter 7 and determines whether or not you learn the truth about the curse surrounding Hackett’s Quarry. Unlocking this path is essential to get to the true/best ending of the game.

When you’re free to roam around the police station as Laura, go upstairs and inspect the locker in the third office. You will find a syringe that you can use to knock out Travis. To unlock this story path, acquire the syringe and head back to your cell. Then, interact with the loosened brick on the left side of your cell bed to hide the syringe.

It is also important to not take Travis’ gun and be compliant when he comes over to your cell. Moreover, you must also make sure that your escaping from prison does not involve shooting Travis.

That’s because doing so will lock you out of the White Whale story path’s ending, where you find Silas and lift the curse. If you shoot Travis in Chapter 7, he will hold a grudge against you and stab you to death in Chapter 9.

Path #12 – Teambuilding

This path can be unlocked by Kaitlyn in Chapter 8. The Teambuilding path determines whether or not Kaitlyn and Dylan make it through the night. Assuming that Dylan hasn’t turned into a werewolf or died by this point, you can choose the Encouraging dialogue option to make him accompany you to the scrapyard.

If you go there alone, your chances of surviving will be incredibly low. On the other hand, Dylan will also have to face Caleb in the lodge all by himself if Kaitlyn dies. And it is incredibly difficult to make it out of that final battle alive without two people working together.

Path #13 – Love’s Labours Lost

This path is an extension of A Fool’s Errand and can only be unlocked in Chapter 8. When Ryan and Laura find Jacob in the Hackett family home’s basement cell, you can either choose to free him or come back for him later. However, to unlock this story path, you must help free Jacob from his cell. Alternatively, you can leave him behind but allow Laura to shoot Nick in the next cell.

Both of these decisions will ensure that Jacob survives the night. To make sure Jacob and Emma reunite in the woods, you’ll have to make sure Emma becomes a werewolf at some point in the story and recovers.

If Emma gets infected in Chapter 4, you have to kill Chris as Ryan in Chapter 9. And if Emma gets infected in Chapter 6, then you have to let Laura shoot Nick in Chapter 8. Then when Jacob and Emma meet, you have to be honest and tell her the truth about sabotaging the van.

Path #14 – A Pound Of Flesh

Unlockable in Chapter 9, this path determines whether or not Ryan survives the remainder of the night. To unlock this story path, you have to keep the knife in after being stabbed by Bobby. This will prevent Ryan from dying early.

Then, use the knife to stab Bobby when you’re cornered and can no longer escape. After this, Laura will offer to bite Ryan to help him recover through the regenerative powers of werewolves. Accept if you do not wish to bleed out to death after your fight with Chris.

Path #15 – Keepsakes

Lastly, we have the most missable story path in The Quarry, which focuses on finding an important keepsake from your lover. The Keepsakes story path can only be unlocked in Chapter 1 when you’re playing as Jacob.

To activate it, walk around the van and turn left to find a bracelet on the ground which belongs to Emma. Unlike other paths, this one does not have any impact on the actual story. Instead, the sole purpose of this Path is to track the trinket and map out all the places it had been throughout the course of the entire event.

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