The New Portals in Teamfight Tactics Set 10 Remix Rumble

Shoaib Akter Himel
By Shoaib Akter Himel
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Teamfight Tactics Set Set 10 kicks off with new set of portals to spice things up yet again!

Teamfight Tactics keeps maintaining its upward trend in maintaining set complexity. With Remix Rumble, the upcoming new Set, TFT is set to bring even more new traits, augments, portals, etc as usual. They also will add a headliner effect in this set. So the first champion you are given will have additional bonus stats in the forms of damage, attack speed, health, etc. Not to mention, some new mechanics and music will be there to live up to the set’s name ‘Remix Rumble’.

Portals have been game-changing for TFT. It completely changes how players strategize and how one game differs from another. For example, in set 9.5, you have probably noticed how the regional portals came with their unique set of gimmicks. Each game had to offer something fresh thanks to the enormous complexity emerging from traits, augments, legend-specific augments, etc.

The upcoming Set 10 will feature a completely new set of portals to provide an even fresher experience. Although this time, the portals are a bit more ‘subdued’ as Riot Mortdog says. These portals are mainly concerned with the effective augments that will influence champion traits, synergy, etc by providing various kinds of bonuses or gimmicks. They can come in many shapes and forms as you may have already noticed from previous sets.

In this article, I will present you the list of new portals that will come with TFT Set 10.

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The New Portals in Remix Rumble

  • Gold Augment First– The first augment in this game will be gold tier.
  • Prismatic Augment First- The first augment this game will be prismatic tier.
  • All Silver Augments– All augments this game will be silver tier
  • All Gold Augments– All augments this game will be gold tier.
  • All Prismatic Augments- All augments this game will be prismatic tier.
  • Prismatic Augment Third- The last augment of this game will be prismatic tier.
  • Gold Augment Third– The last augment of this game will be gold tier.
  • Tier 3 Start– Start the game with a random Tier 3 champion.
  • Duplicator Start- Start the game with a Champion Duplicator.
  • Triple Champion– Start Start the game with 3 random Tier 1 champions.
  • Gold Per Augment- Every time you select an augment, gain 3 gold.
  • Gold Per Item– Every time you build an item, gain 2 gold.
  • Pot of Gold– At stage 6-1, all living players split a pot of 120 gold.
  • Artifact Anvil- Start with an Artifact Anvil that lets you choose from powerful items with unique effects.
  • Component Anvils- Gain 2 Item Component Anvils at the start of the game.
  • Radiant Item– Select 1 of 5 Radiant items at the start of the game. Radiant items are powerful versions of core items.
  • Completed Anvil– Gain 1 completed item anvil at the start of the game.
  • Scuttle Puddle– PVE enemies are replaced by crabs that drop bonus loot!
  • Player Health– Increase All players start with 115 health instead of 100.
  • Double Item Carousel- Champions on the carousel hold 2 items instead of 1.
  • Training Dummy– Start the game with a training dummy.
  • Unit Accelerator– All units gain bonus movement speed and +10% Attack Speed.

As you can see, the new set of portals is quite unique compared to the previous sets. For example, the training dummy will allow you to start the game with one. Some of the augments can make the game very power-oriented. By that I mean the ‘All Prismatic Augments’ portal. A game where players enter this portal will look completely different from something as basic as ‘Player Health’ Portal.

These are in addition to the regional portals from Set 9.5. So, Riot has kept their promise of not dialing down on Set Complexity.

Teamfight Tactics Set 10 Release Date

Set 10 is to hit the PBE servers on November 7, 2023. The official servers will be updated with Remix Rumble a couple of weeks later, on patch 13.23 which is set to release on 21st November.

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