New Mechanics and Music in TFT Set 10: Remix Rumble

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

As the next TFT set, Remix Rumble, is right around the corner, here are the new mechanics.

Riot regularly adds new sets to Teamfight Tactics or TFT to keep the game interesting. These sets introduce new champions, traits, items, cosmetics like chibis, and, for today’s topic, mechanics. Mechanics are a core part of TFT, as they make each set unique and different compared to before.

In Set 6, Gizmos & Gadgets, Riot added Augments, one of the most popular mechanics in the game. Through Augments, players can get unique permanent buffs that will remain for the rest of the match. Similarly, last season, we got Legends and Regional Portals.

With Legends, players can pick between 15 unique legends and gain guaranteed augments in their match. And regarding Regional Portals, before the round starts, players can vote between three random regions. Whichever region wins will change the rules of the match. This way, each TFT match will be unique from before.

Recently, Riot has unveiled the upcoming TFT set, Remix Rumble. So here are all the mechanics revealed for this event.

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TFT Remix Rumble: Mechanics

Riot has revealed that Remix Rumble will include all of the beloved mechanics from previous sets. These mechanics are Regional Portals, Augments, and Headliners.

Regional Portals are making a comeback from the previous set. As stated before, with it, you can change the rules of the match. However, this time, Riot will remove some unnecessary portals like The Sump, Noxkraya, House Lightshield, Stillwater Hold, etc. As for Legends, Riot confirmed they are not bringing it back in the next set.

As for Augments, they confirmed that it is returning in Remix Rumble. Moreover, we are getting even more Augments than before. Besides that, they haven’t revealed much.

A new mechanic we are getting in Remix Rumble is Headliner. Headliner is very similar to a previous mechanic, Chosen, which was released in Set 4. Headliner is one of the strongest units on your board. They can be purchased at two stars and will have powerful abilities. Alongside giving plus one to one of their traits, Headliners also have special effects. For example, Yorick, a legendary Headliner, will spawn temporary ghouls in the arena. And as time passes, the ghouls will become stronger and more tankier.


Music will be a core part of Remix Rumble. Firstly, as you first start building your team, the music will be simpler. But as your team becomes more complex, so too does the music. Furthermore, you can mix up the music by mixing and matching your team. For example, you can combine both Pentakill and K/DA units to have music, which is a mix of both. With this, players can experiment with different team comps to have unique music never heard before.

Overall, this set will include new units, mechanics, and even TFT-exclusive skins. And for this end-of-the-year set, it will be one of the best sets released in the game.

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