Portals Will Be A Staple For Teamfight Tactics In The Future

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot has confirmed that Region Portals will be a core part of Teamfight Tactics in the future.

To freshen up the game, Riot Games regularly adds a new set to Teamfight Tactics or TFT. With the release of a new set, we see new champions, augments, traits, items, and mechanics.

Similarly, set 9 introduced many new impactful changes and additions. In terms of new mechanics, we have Legends and Region Portals.

In terms of Legends, players can now choose between 15 unique legends to gain guaranteed augments in their match. For Region Portals, before the start of the round, players can vote between three random regions. Whichever region wins will change the rules of the game. This way, each TFT match will be unique from before.

This Region Portals system is looked fondly by the players, as it solves some issues with the game. Firstly, it replaces the opening carousel of the game. Meaning players won’t have to rush their starting items anymore. While this feature wasn’t bad on the PC version, it was difficult to get your favorite items first on mobile.

With Region Portals, players can cast their votes more easily, thus making the game more accessible. Recently, Riot Games published a dev log highlighting everything they learned from Runeterra Reforged. In there, they mentioned that Region Portals will remain a staple for TFT in the future.

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Future of Portals In Teamfight Tactics

According to Riot in the dev log, Region Portals was a huge success. It also solved a lot of unique challenges with the opening of the carousel. Moreover, it added more game-to-game variance, which is a nice thing to have in TFT.

But there were some key flaws with portals. Firstly, there were legends who became too strong immediately if they gained their preferred portals. This wouldn’t be far of a concern as Riot has confirmed in the same post that Legends won’t be returning in the future set. The second flaw is that players didn’t enjoy complex portals. Portals like The Sump, Noxkraya, House Lightshield, etc., were universally disliked by the fans.

Afterward, Riot confirmed that Region Portals are here to stay in TFT. But we can expect less complex portals in the future sets.

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