The House of the Dead Remake Boss Guide

Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
By Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
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credits: Megapixel Studio

This House of the Dead Remake boss guide teaches you how to kill all the bosses without breaking a sweat.

The classic rail-shooter franchise makes a much-awaited comeback with The House of the Dead Remake. Although the game has its shortcoming, it still is a fun zombie shooter that is enjoyable for both the old fans and newcomers—containing the same story, characters, enemies, and bosses as the OG.

The best way to play House of the Dead Remake is on the Nintendo Switch and PC since the Switch has the joy-con motion aiming, and PC players can use their mouse for precise and fast movement of the reticle.

The gameplay is sweet and simple; your player walks through different areas of the Curien mansion and shoots down horrifying zombies and monsters. The difficulty gradually becomes higher as you progress, especially with the bosses.

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Furthermore, if you lose all your continues, you have to start from the beginning. Hence, follow this House of the Dead Remake guide and learn the techniques for taking down the bosses before you lose all your health.

There are four bosses to defeat in the game. They are:

  • Chariot
  • Hangedman
  • Hermit
  • Magician

Each House of the Dead boss has its quirks and attack styles. Moreover, the bosses always look very cool and are even named using Tarot Card names. House of the Dead’s excellent boss design is one of the biggest strengths of this series.

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House of the Dead Remake: Defeating every Boss


House of the Dead Chariot
credits:Megapixel studio
credits:Megapixel studio

Chariot is the first boss in the House of the Dead Remake. You’ll find this giant armored monster dropping from the glass ceiling, wielding a bardiche, and attacking Sophie just as you enter a room from the mansion’s hallways.

Even though Chariot is one of the larger bosses and has two phases, it is an easy fight to win. Especially easy if you’re experienced with the controls. Chariot tries to come at you by moving only forward and attacking you with its giant axe. Shoot at the exposed red fleshy area at the chest to reduce its health and slow down its advance. Chariot always stays in the same position and walks at you in a straightforward manner, so aiming at the weak point is not too hard either.

Chariot comes out of his armor at half the health and now begins the second phase of this boss fight. His proper form is pure flesh with some tendrils hanging out here and there. He comes at you with incredible speed now, but this phase is even easier. Just keep on shooting at any of his fleshy body parts. Once all the flesh from a limb is gone, focus your fire on another one until the big guy drops dead. Unsurprisingly, shooting at the head deals a lot of damage.


credits:Megapixel studio
House of the Dead Remake Boss
credits:Megapixel studio

The Hangedman is the second boss in the game and the final boss with two phases. Initially, Hangedman is surrounded by bat monsters, aka Devilons. These bats will come to attack you in swarms for the first phase. Shoot them down until no more bats are present near Hangedman. From this point, the second phase starts.

Hangedman will swoop on you with its claw from different directions from here on out. You can either stop its advance while it is still far away or wait till it comes close. If your aim is good, we suggest that you shoot it while it is still far away. The weak point of Hangedman is the torso, and it is much easier to hit than Chariot.

After half the health is depleted, it will seem to run away. As your character attempts to move, Hangedman will attack as part of a cutscene and knock you down, hanging at the ledge. He will be a bit quicker this time, but the strategy is the same. Keep shooting the chest till the giant bat-like monster falls.


Hermit House of the Dead Remake boss
credits:Megapixel studio

The third boss is the giant spider monster, Hermit. He can drain out your life quickly if you’re not careful, but on the other hand, his weak point is his giant red head, so you won’t have to worry about missing your shots that much.

Initially, the Hermit will come at you in a straight line and attack you. All you have to do is keep shooting the head to lower its health and push it back. After about 50% of health is diminished, Hermit will change its location.

After switching to a new location, Hermit becomes more agile and comes at you from different directions to attack you with its limbs. Moreover, it also advances at you while shielding its face using its legs. So you have to wait until the big spider gets really close and attempts to strike you. Shoot it down to stop its attack and push it back. Another move the Hermit will use here is its web shots. It will fire multiple web balls at you. You have to shoot them down quickly as the Hermit also uses this time to close the gap between the two of you.

Good reflexes and a steady aim are all you need to triumph over the giant bad spider zombie.


House of the Dead Magician
credits:Megapixel studio
House of the Dead Boss
credits:Megapixel studio

Now comes the final and the most bad-ass looking House of the Dead boss, Magician. The difficulty spike between the Magician and the previous bosses is relatively high. So make sure you have the highest possible continues and lives left before coming here, or else you’ll quickly fall unless you’re an expert in this game.

The weak spot of the Magician is not specified and also not too noticeable. But a keen eye can quickly realize that the wriggling tendrils and tendons at the arms, legs, and thighs are not covered with a hard shell armor like the rest of the body. Unsurprisingly, they are the weak spots. Unlike other bosses, constantly hitting those shots are actually hard since he moves quickly and comes at you from all sides.

Initially, Magician will throw fireball projectiles at you from a distance. If you shoot at him enough times, he will get stunned before he can throw them. If you’re too late, shoot the projectiles down. He will also attack from the extreme sides of the screen with his massive claws. To stop him, players will need to quickly attack the weak points. This is the easiest way to deal damage to this boss as his movement is fast, and hitting targets that move frequently is a bit harder.

After his health is considerably lowered, he will fire many projectiles from above, which you will also have to shoot down quickly. This part is pretty easy since he takes some time to charge up the attack, so you get some free shots. Keep in mind that this is the perfect time to pump him with bullets and kill him. Lowering his health to zero i.e defeating him starts a cutscene that showcases him blowing into pieces.

That is all there is to know about all the House of the Dead Remake bosses and their weak points. Now you can complete the game with more up-to-date information to plan ahead and get a chance to unlock the best ending.

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