Kaiju Wars: All Resources and How to Use Them

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You can’t fight Kaiju monsters without proper resources. Here is our extensive guide on all the resources in Kaiju Wars and how to use them.

Kaiju Wars is the latest 2.5D turn-based tactical strategy game developed by Foolish Mortals Games. The game is set in a hyper-stylized apocalyptic city of Flotilla, with you as its newly appointed Mayor. The premise of Kaiju Wars starts off with Godzilla-resembling Kaiju monsters attacking a military base during your visit.

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As you find yourself in the middle of a large-scale attack from these unknown creatures, you are forced to take things into your own hand and lead the military unit in this impromptu battle. As the leader, you will have to meticulously manage your resources and protect Dr. Wagner and his team of scientists working on a solution to this Kaiju problem.

That’s because he and his team will be the constant targets of Kaiju. So it will be a race against time for you to figure out a way to kill these monsters before they find Dr. Wagner and destroy his lab. You will need to stall the Kaiju until Dr. Wagner makes enough scientific breakthroughs about Kaiju’s weaknesses and develops an anti-monster serum.

Since the Kaiju monsters cannot be killed without proper scientific breakthroughs, you will have to hold your defense while micro-managing your resources. To help you understand what you’ll be dealing with, we have put together this guide to give you a breakdown of all the resources in Kaiju Wars and how to use them.

Money (Coins)

Generally speaking, money is an essential resource in videogames and real-world alike. In Kaiju Wars, you will be spending money on the deployment of basic and specialized battle units, the establishment of new bases such as airfields and army bases, and the repair of damaged troops. Keep in mind that all of these actions will cost you a turn. In Kaiju Wars, money is depicted as a gold coin icon. Below is the cost distribution of each activity:

  • Build – 12 coins
  • Deploy – 3 coins
  • Repair – 1 coin

Now that you know how and where to spend your money, the real question arises: How do I get more money? Well, since this ongoing Kaiju onslaught is an all-hands-on-deck situation, you don’t really have to go out of your way to earn money. Instead, you’ll be passively generating money through various structures such as suburbs, office buildings, and harbors.

So it is essential to protect these structures if you want a steady flow of income that you can use to strengthen your military force. With that being said, you can actually increase the income generated by drawing profitable project cards.

Breakthrough Stars and Science Points

As mentioned earlier, you cannot win against these Kaiju monsters without major scientific breakthroughs, which are measured with stars. With enough Breakthrough Stars, you can develop a serum that can kill Kaijus. This is where Science Points come in. To unlock a breakthrough star, you have to first earn enough Science Points. Science Points denote the level of progress of your research.

You will need to acquire 10 Science Points to unlock each Breakthrough Star. Just like coins, you can earn Science Points passively through various structures. Labs and other basic structures will generate Science Points before your next turn arrives.

With that being said, you can also take a shortcut route for acquiring Breakthrough Stars. If you can drop a Kaiju’s health to zero, you will immediately earn yourself a Breakthrough Star. However, it won’t be enough to kill them, so you’ll have to stall them as much as possible until the serum is ready.


Structures are the basic infrastructures on your map, such as basic buildings, airfields, army bases, harbors, and labs. They will generate Coins and Science Points as long as they keep standing. Moreover, certain structures also act as deployment stations for your battle units. That’s why they are the first thing that Kaijus aim to topple down. So you must protect these structures at all costs. You can build more structures by drawing on Project cards.

Battle Units

While the researchers take their time coming up with a serum that can kill Kaijus, it’s your military units that have to battle the monsters. Kaiju Wars has two types of battle units: Basic and Special Units.

Your Basic Units include Police, Tank, Fighter, Bomber, Missiles, Infantry, Radar, Anti-aircraft, Bush plane, and Artillery. They’ll act as blockers that restrict the Kaijus’ movements. Deploying Basic Units is pretty straightforward, as you can deploy them from airfields and army bases for 3 coins.

Your special units, on the other hand, include Maser, Guncross Wing/Robot, Sky Carrier, Freezer, OGR Platform, Super Z-2, Big Boy, Liger Panther, and Food Cart. However, you can only have a single type of special unit deployed at a time. Moreover, they can only be deployed from labs. So you must have at least one lab standing in order to deploy a special unit.

Furthermore, unlike basic units, special units do not cost money to deploy. Instead, they require preparation time. To make things a bit more challenging, deploying special units require multiple prerequisites. Kaijus are strong, so your battle units will continue to take hits. Some can be repaired for coins, but others may require redeploying.


The process of deploying, redeploying, building new bases, and injecting resources are all done through Projects. In Kaiju Wars, players are granted a special effect by drawing a single Project Card during their turn. There are three kinds of project cards you can draw. Their uses have been stated below:

  • Spawn Project card – allows you to deploy basic units for free, activate special units, or build new structures at a discounted price or for free.
  • Effect Project card – allows you to give stat buffs to your units or structures, or debuff Kaijus.
  • Resource Project card – grants you extra science points, coins, or security rating points.


You can’t defeat the Kaiju with brute force alone as your cyber security is just as vital as your battle units. It may not be a tangible resource, but it is certainly the most vital one of them all. Your security rating depends on your digital security defense. That includes firewalls, hardware, and how well protected your cyber warfare is against hacking.

That’s because the Kaiju are not alone. They are backed up by a mysterious team that buff up their health and clear the path toward Dr. Wagner’s lab by hacking into your security systems. They do this by activating dark Projects.

The Kaiju usually move around the tiles in random order. But once your security rating drops to zero, the monsters will head directly towards Dr. Wagner’s lab to destroy his research. So you must relocate the researchers to a new lab if the Kaijus find out their location.

Luckily, you can restore 3 points to your security rating by drawing special Resource Project cards. Other methods of sustaining your security level involve protecting Lookout towers and building new bases.


Once you get to Act 2 of your main story campaign, you’ll unlock special characters called Researchers. Bringing specific researchers to certain mission terrain will grant passive bonuses on your structures and battle units.

So, it is important for you to assess your map’s layout, positions of structures, and units to determine which Researcher will be the perfect person for the job. Initially, you’ll only be allowed to bring a single Researcher to a match, but you can add more Researchers to your arsenal down the line using Medals.


Medals are the game’s reward points that are earned by completing main quest objectives and optional objectives, as well as replaying missions on a higher difficulty. However, these cannot be used during a match.

Instead, you can use your medals before missions to buff your basic and special battle units and unlock new Researchers. For example, unlocking a single Researcher slot will cost you 15 medals. So you better not hoard your medals, as the game will reward you for spending them in the right places.

Kaiju Wars is now available on PC.

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