Swain Mini-Rework Confirmed for 2022

Rifat Mahmood
By Rifat Mahmood
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Image Via Riot Games

After years of being underwhelming and relegated to be more of a support, Swain is finally getting a ‘Mid-Scope Update’ in League of Legends, or a mini-rework, if you will.

After the recently successful mini reworks of Ahri and Janna, Riot is looking to bring more outdated champions into the fold by giving them a ‘Mid-Scope Update,’ as they are calling it. Riot announced Taliyah and Olaf’s mini-rework about a week ago. They hope to revitalize the champions and bring a bit of shine to them through these reworks.

Recently Riot August, lead champion designer on League of Legends, tweeted to add Swain to the list of mini-reworks with Taliyah and Olaf. Originally a Top and Mid lane champion, Swain, is now more of a support champion and is currently one of the least picked champions in League of Legends.

Swain’s Mini-Rework in League of Legends

As per Riot August’s tweet, Riot Truexy, an Associate Game Designer on Riot Games, will be working on Swain’s changes. But which parts of Swain’s kit will be affected are unclear. In patch 12.6, Riot wanted to buff Swain‘s Q by reducing the cooldown and mana cost. They hoped this would help him waveclear easily and bring him back into the solo lanes.

However, it seems that wasn’t enough to revive the Noxian General. So Swain mains should look forward to a larger scale change that will bring their favorite champion into the meta.

Possible Release Date for Swain Rework

Unfortunately, Riot didn’t provide a date for the release of the Swain mini-rework. It will probably take a few months if they release all the reworks at once. Otherwise, Swain mains will have to wait a little longer to play him in the solo lanes once again. Hopefully, the rework will not be as ‘successful’ as the Janna rework.

Rifat Mahmood is a former League of Legends writer at GameRiv.