Stray: How To Get The Pacifist Trophy

Here is how you can get the Pacifist Trophy in Stray.

Stray is another adventure game where you are a cat searching for a way out of the city on your adventure. There is much to do in the game, apart from just exploring. Players can solve puzzles and help people in their adventure across a futuristic world.

Moreover, some puzzles are much more challenging than others in the game. Apart from puzzles, there are trophies you can get. One of the trophies you can obtain in Stary is getting the pacifist Trophy. Below we have made a complete guide on how to get the Pacifist Trophy in Stray.

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How to get The Pacifist Trophy in Stray

The Pacifist Trophy will require you not to use the Defluxor to kill any Zurks inside the sewers in Chapter 8. It may sound easy, but these little organisms can be tough to handle when they come to kill your furry friend. There are two points inside the Sewers where you might find yourself overwhelmed with these Zurks and choose to go berserk.

How to get The Pacifist Trophy in Stray
Credit- Annapurna Interactive

It could be three if you decide to go after another one of B-12 Memories. The first location will come right after you start the chapter. Here when you go past the gate and pull the lever. You will see Zurks coming for you. Just keep moving and avoid them till the boat arrives. Then, you can jump on the lever and go to the barrel on the opposite to kill time until the boat comes.

The second place is a large room where you need to open two door locks on the opposite side of the Metal gate. Stray has a checkpoint to make life easier for you, so you can die and try as many times as you want. Keep trying till you open this gate and reach the next part to get the Pacifist Trophy without killing any Zurks.

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