As Dusk Falls: All Main Players

Here is a complete list of all the players inside As Dusk Falls.

As Dusk Falls is out, it is here to give story-driven game fans a whole new experience. This game’s art style and ambiance are indeed something you would want to see for yourself as it is breathtaking. The game is like a movie, so it is filled with all kinds of twists and emotions.

Moreover, inside the game, you will be able to take charge of the journeys of the characters. In fact, if you are confused about who the main characters are inside the game, below, we have made a complete list of all characters.

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As Dusk Falls All Main Players

This story-driven game includes more than just two families, with many different support characters. These support characters help make the story come together nicely. The beauty of this game lies in the part where you are in charge of making decisions for the characters.

There are a total of 11 characters. Each character is unique, with different back stories and ways of handling a situation. So make sure you understand each character’s back stories before making any decisions in the game. We have not added the complete list of all characters to avoid giving fans spoilers, so you might meet more characters when playing the game.

Apart from the characters, As Dusk Falls also offers traits. Traits showcase your personality based on your decisions made inside the game after you finish each chapter. However, below is the list of all the main players in the As Dusk Falls:

  • Jay Holt
  • Dale Holt
  • Tyler Holt
  • Dante Romero
  • Joyce Walema
  • Paul
  • Vince Walker
  • Michelle Walker
  • Zoe Walker
  • Jim Walker

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