Stray: Ending Explained

Excited to see what happens to the cat in the Ending of Stray?

Stray was one of the most hyped-up games of 2022. Not only did it rise to the hype, but it is one of the most positively reviewed games on steam going beyond Elden Ring. The game is about a cat going on a solo adventure, trying to find a way out of the city. Using the cat, you can go on an adventure, unlike any other game. If you are still playing the game and wondering what kind of ending Stray has. Below we have made a complete guide on the Ending inside Stray.

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What Happens in Stray’s Ending

Apart from the story, you can do what you want inside the game. There are lots of collectibles to explore and collect. Apart from the collectibles, you can also do all kinds of side missions with your B-12 buddy. However, once you choose to run off to the wild after you finally reach the end of the city, you will not be able to go back into the city.

So, explore the game thoroughly before heading to the wild. After completing the game, you will lose B-12 and your ability to communicate with humans. In addition, players will lose control of the cat once it makes the jump and finally goes inside the wild.

What Happens in Stray's Ending
Credit- Annapurna Interactive

The ending is very emotional and sweet, where the cat can finally be free in the wild. Unfortunately, the Stray only has one kind of ending, and that’s it. This one ending, however, does not ruin the beautiful experience of the game. Instead, this opens up a significant opportunity for a sequel, especially after such a successful game from Annapurna Interactive.

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