Stellar Blade: BAR 99 Chest Puzzle Solution

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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Do you want to know how to unlock BAR 99 Chest in Stellar Blade? If yes, then look no further. Here’s the solution.

One of the earliest locked chests you’ll stumble upon in Stellar Blade is tucked away inside the Bar 99 building on Eidos 7. This chest can’t be pried open immediately, leaving you pondering what valuable loot lies within and how to crack the code shielding its contents. Thankfully, after investing dozens of hours in Stellar Blade, I’ve uncovered what you need to do to unveil the chest’s rewards and where you can locate the passcode.

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How to Unlock the Bar 99 Chest in Stellar Blade

When you bring the second warp drive to Xion, the ‘Legion’s Secret Stash’ side quest will be available on the Request Board. But to gain access to the Bar 99 chest in Stellar Blade, you must accept the ‘Legion’s Secret Stash’ side quest from the Request Board in Xion, but not until after completing the pivotal ‘Altess Levoire’ story mission. The chest’s code: 1228.

Legion's Secret Stash Side Mission Details
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With the code in hand, fast-travel back to the Silent Street waypoint on Eidos 7 and revisit the forsaken Bar 99 to input the passcode and open the Bar 99 chest. Beware of the guard inside the Bar.

Bar 99 Entrance
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What Reward You Will Get From BAR 99 Chest?

Here are the rewards that you will gain from Bar 99 Chest:

Bar 99 Chest Rewards
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  • Extreme Nano Element x4
  • Advanced Nano Element x5
  • Advanced Nano Element x5
  • Nano Element x7

That’s how you unlock the chest in Bar 99. It’s really easy to find, and unlock, compared to other chests in Stellar Blade.

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